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Source: twitter

This Guy's Response to Finding Out a Potential Date Is Trans Has People Divided

By Mustafa Gatollari

It's a "problematic" trope that's been seen in countless movies, TV shows, and even written about in songs: the ire, embarrassment, and anger a guy feels once he discovers a person he's attracted to is transgender.

In fact, Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective recently came under fire once fans who revisited the movie discovered just how much that fear of the trans community was used as a recurring joke in the movie.

Back when I was in the online dating game and swiping right like a madman on Tinder, I even came across people who I discovered were trans in my conversations with them. I have to admit I was uncomfortable with the idea of potentially entering into a relationship with someone who is trans and couldn't entertain it seriously, so I would end it right then and there and just respond less frequently to their messages.

Different guys have different ways of responding to the news that someone they expressed interest in was assigned male at birth. Even if I have certain biases in my head, the stories I've heard from some of my gym bros were absolutely horrifying to hear. Threats of violence, disparaging language, and unfiltered and gratuitously mean replies were the norm. What's worse is that some of these dudes even seemed to take pride in their dramatically disgusted reactions.