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Source: Instagram

Everything We Know So Far about Jazz Jennings' New Boyfriend, Ahmir


There have been a ton of big changes unfolding in Jazz Jennings' life lately, and they're all playing out this season on her TLC show, I Am Jazz. The two biggest developments for the transgender teen so far have been her gender confirmation surgery and a new boyfriend.

We'll get to see more of her interaction with Ahmir Steward next week when he meets the parents. Audiences are excited to get to know him, too, and naturally have a lot of questions. We'll try to answer as many of them as we can for curious minds!.

First, is Ahmir transgender?

Ahmir doesn't have a lot of pics on his Instagram, but a recent throwback pic of him as a baby helped confirm whether the 19-year-old is part of the trans community. "Nope," he replied to a commenter who asked if he is trans.