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Source: TLC

Jazz's Former Flame Victoria Makes Her 'I Am Jazz' Return — Here's What You Need to Know


There's only been one episode so far on this season of I Am Jazz, but it's already chock-full of captivating drama. For one, Jazz lost a bunch of weight and finally managed to get approved for her gender-confirmation surgery, but she also went to LGBTQ+ prom and got her chance at the high school dance she'd thought she'd never get to enjoy because she's homeschooled.

The prom could have made for a standalone episode in and of itself, what with the dress shopping and Noelle's Parkland shooting PTSD that ended up making her hide in the bathroom when the sounds of the crowds at prom ended up being too much to bear. But possibly the most juicy of it all was at the very end of the prom, when Jazz runs into her former flame Victoria. "I did not expect that at all, this is really awkward," Jazz confesses about the run-in before viewers are hit with a "To Be Continued..." card. Just look at their body language while the end credits are rolling.