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Source: paramount pictures

"Unpaid Volunteer" Begs Facebook Friends for Money Until Coworkers Out Him


An "unpaid volunteer" lamenting the fact that they should've taken a gig with a salary went to Facebook to ask friends for money, but got a little more than they bargained for when some coworkers chimed in.

We've all made some employment choices that probably weren't the best decisions for our short or long-term financial security. Maybe we accepted a salary that was a little too low, or perhaps we took a job that seemed like it paid well on paper, and then we were overworked into oblivion.

The responsible, adult thing to do in that situation is to either make a case for better compensation or look for work elsewhere. What is not a good solution is lying to your friends and telling them you're an "unpaid volunteer" to gain sympathy and donations to support your lifestyle. It appears that's what happened with the person responsible for this Facebook post.

Source: reddit