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Source: instagram

Freelancer Posts Rage-Inducing Chat With Cheap Client To Show What Artists Endure

By Mustafa Gatollari

Thanks to the magic of mass produced products, our perception of the value of individual items has forever been altered. For example, back in the day, to have furniture with a bit of design or flourish cost a heck of a lot, because someone was doing all of that work by hand.

The same went for any type of formal clothing. The cloth needed to be separately purchased and cut to fit your exact size. So if you were a dude strolling around '20's New York whacking beggars with your cane, with a different suit each day to do it in, you were making some serious coin.

But now, you can head to some men's outlet off the highway and get an entire formal wardrobe for the price of a car and insurance - with money for lunch afterwards.