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Freelancer Posts Rage-Inducing Chat With Cheap Client To Show What Artists Endure

Freelancer Posts Rage-Inducing Chat With Cheap Client To Show What Artists Endure
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Updated 4 months ago

Thanks to the magic of mass produced products, our perception of the value of individual items has forever been altered. For example, back in the day, to have furniture with a bit of design or flourish cost a heck of a lot, because someone was doing all of that work by hand.

The same went for any type of formal clothing. The cloth needed to be separately purchased and cut to fit your exact size. So if you were a dude strolling around '20's New York whacking beggars with your cane, with a different suit each day to do it in, you were making some serious coin.

But now, you can head to some men's outlet off the highway and get an entire formal wardrobe for the price of a car and insurance - with money for lunch afterwards. 

So when people go online and find something cute on Etsy, or inquire about the pricing of a custom item, they're usually shocked by how much it costs. Now what most people do when they can't afford something is thank the individual for their time and politely tell them that it's out of their price range.

Which is what this guy should've done when he inquired about the price of a crocheted blanket he asked someone to sew for him. I mean, the freelancing life isn't exactly easy, as anyone who's tried it themselves can tell you. Instead, he chose to lash out, something that Twitter account @forexposure_txt, an account that posts conversations of customers who expect artists to work for free, exposed.

And they posted a conversation that Instagram user and crocheter, Krafty.Katt uploaded to Reddit after a particularly nasty exchange with a prospective client.

A quick perusal of her Instagram account shows that she's pretty darn good at what she does, but apparently that didn't matter to this guy who thought he could not only treat the freelancer like dirt, but threaten to ruin their entire business.

Right out the gate, the guy's upset that the crocheter didn't respond to their inquiry right away.

With their choice of words, you can tell that the person isn't exactly the classiest individual out there.

And once they heard the price they only further confirmed this initial impression.

The guy just couldn't believe that someone would charge a feasible amount for their labor.

And yes $400 does sound like a lot for a blanket, but it's being made by hand, and, like the guy said, he thought they were "amazing."

He kept antagonizing Kraft Katt, insisting that he wouldn't pay that price. Again, instead of just giving up, he wanted her to do the work on his terms. The crocheter wouldn't budge, however.

Then he started threatening to destroy her "business," but, as it turns out, crocheting is just this seller's hobby - so they could care less about the probably empty threats from this cheapskate.

People couldn't believe the nerve of the guy and started sharing their favorite ridiculous quotes of his.

Fellow artists nodded in agreement.

While others shared their experiences in asking digital artists for commissions.

I'm not saying you need to always agree to the price, just don't fly off the handle when it's a value that you don't think is up to par with your expectations, you know?

There are also some other horrible deals that the Twitter account has exposed.

Along with angry potential customer emails.

Hey, I wish cheeseburgers were 25 cents, but you don't see me screaming at the kid behind the counter, do you?

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