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Source: youtube

Restaurant Debunks Fake Bad Restaurant Review With CC Footage


Anyone who's ever worked in the food industry has come across a customer who's always trying to finesse a free meal or get something on the house by blatantly lying about the "quality" of the food they received.

Often, people who do this usually finish the entire meal or scarf down a large portion of it and then say, "It actually wasn't that good to begin with." As a waiter, you want to say, "Well that's sure funny, because it looks like you enjoyed the heck outta that burger since it's not on your plate anymore, you wildebeest!"

But you can't say that, at least not using those words. Nor can you accuse them outright of trying to scam you out of a free meal.

Well, one restaurant decided it couldn't hold back when a customer posted a negative review despite the staff did everything in their power to satisfy them.

From the looks of things, despite believing this diner was trying to take advantage of their hospitality, they went above and beyond to address their complaints.