Restaurant Debunks Fake Bad Restaurant Review With CC Footage

A restaurant turned to the security camera footage in their establishment to get to the bottom of a customer who faked a negative review.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 24 2019, Updated 10:22 a.m. ET

Anyone who's ever worked in the food industry has come across a customer who's always trying to finesse a free meal or get something on the house by blatantly lying about the "quality" of the food they received.

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Often, people who do this usually finish the entire meal or scarf down a large portion of it and then say, "It actually wasn't that good to begin with." As a waiter, you want to say, "Well that's sure funny, because it looks like you enjoyed the heck outta that burger since it's not on your plate anymore, you wildebeest!"

But you can't say that, at least not using those words. Nor can you accuse them outright of trying to scam you out of a free meal.

Well, one restaurant decided it couldn't hold back when a customer posted a negative review despite the staff did everything in their power to satisfy them.

From the looks of things, despite believing this diner was trying to take advantage of their hospitality, they went above and beyond to address their complaints.

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One of the owners makes it clear that they were made aware of this customer's behavior soon after they left the restaurant, and debriefed with one of the floor managers to find out exactly what went down.

They set the tone of their rebuttal to let-me-tell-you-something mode by mentioning that the customer "conveniently" left out some information from their review.

Then they proceeded to list all the things the reviewer neglected to mention. It's a glorious text beatdown that any business owner who has suffered an unjust complaint will applaud.

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The owner clearly isn't messing around when it comes to consumer complaints. They referred to CCTV footage in the restaurant to check and double check all the claims the  customer made and, lo and behold, not only were they completely wrong about the amount of time they waited for drink refills and a second order of onion rings, but they had completely cleaned their plates despite the "freezing" sandwich one diner received.

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The owner praised their employees for the tremendous work they did, and pointed out that free desserts and coffees were offered when the guests claimed they weren't happy with their meals. But there's no getting around the facts: Alex and Caoimhe did their best and Linda, the freeloading customer in question, was just called out for being a fraudster.

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The response was posted to Reddit's Choosing Beggars sub, and people applauded the owner;s detective skills as well as the polite way the called this no-good lying customer out on their baloney.

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Others started chiming in with their own experiences with terrible customers fishing for free food.

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Have any food service industry workers reading this come across customers like this? How do you handle them? I would probably just use the Family Guy housekeeper approach.
While some restaurants legitimately don't care about what their customers think, tons will go above and beyond for their diners, even the con artists.

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