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13 Mistakes Marriage Counselors See Couples Making


They say breaking up is hard to do, but as many people in long-term relationships know too well, staying together can be even harder. Marriage counseling is an incredible tool to help couples work through big issues that stand in the way of their happiness. And often, the biggest roadblock is our unconscious patterns and behaviors.

In a recent Ask Reddit thread, professional counselors shared the common mistakes they observe in the couples they  see. While this list is no substitute for the time and individual attention you'd get in a professional counseling session, it sure is cheaper!

1. Listen for more than your opening to speak.

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Several people noted that one or both halves of a couple will often think they're listening when really they're waiting for their opportunity to speak, which means they aren't truly hearing their partner. One user said, "most people listen to respond and don't listen to hear. This is what I spend the most time teaching couples how to do!"