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Every Single One of These Images Will Bring You Right Back to Elementary School



As we grow into adults, it's easy for us to differentiate ourselves from others in an attempt to establish our own identity and a sense of self. Which is normal, because we're all trying to find that specific thing that makes us special. In that pursuit, however, it's easy to forget that a lot of us had shared experiences, something Twitter user @melmadara touched on when she started this excellent thread on elementary school memories.

Just take a look at some of these images and try to tell me they aren't giving you hardcore elementary vibes. From coast to coast across America, there are tons of people who are tweeting with "OMG SAME!" which is really special when you think about it. No matter what part of the country you're from, you can definitely relate to these "weird" grade school memories.

Why caress these divots?

Just try and tell me you weren't putting your index finger in these while walking through the halls.

Mothball musk?

Man these things just stank. Never looked forward to putting them on.

That cool sensation.

Bonus points for making little circles. I still do this when I ride back on a bus from the city.

Worst. Instrument. Ever.

My teacher was especially fond of "Mary had a Little Lamb."

The pain!

Was lowkey jealous of the kids who could skip in place.

Wait till you get to division.

The best is when you memorized the "times table" and sped through it like an OG.

No idea what these were.

Seriously...but every class had them. Bonus points if you would use them as a monocle like you were the monopoly guy at a Pride parade.

So magical.

Loved it when they busted this bad boy out.

This definitely wasn't ice cream.

But who cares, it was delicious. Who else was afraid of getting tongue splinters?!

Licorice all day.

And grape. This is where our idea for flavored vape cartridges started, I know it.

Oh, when it dries.

Such a great thing to look forward to.

High key psychopaths.

Worse if it's a nice eraser, too.

I was more of an Oregon Trail guy, myself.

But I'm showing my age here, aren't I?

Darn tootin'.

Heck I still get excited over these pens. Why aren't all of them like this?

That zap.

Hurts more when it came from one of the bolts on the chair, too.

I never drew these.

But that didn't mean I wasn't surrounded by them on a daily basis.

Mind your fingers.

Or bad things will happen. A great ab workout for kids, too.

It's not really milk.

But it's chocolate, so who cares? The only thing that comes close is Yoo-Hoo.

This was ahead of my time.

But if I was in elementary school when they were around, I'd be all over these bad boys.

Where social standings were made readily apparent.

Poor kids would at least get a cool book marker, or some discount Goosebumps from last year's collection.

Begone geometric skin divots.

  1. Learning cursive is hard. These helped to make things easier.

No idea.

But I could be on Microsoft Paint for hours, drawing a sun wearing sunglasses with a cigarette in his mouth. Then I'd get sent to the Principal's office.


Once you learn the concept or 3D, there's no going back. Pixar, here I come.

What happened to the cartons?!

we were all upset at first, but then just held these in our hands like little firm water balloons...or breast implants.

Oh that noise.

The best is when you wore some thick Tims or steel toe Mountain Gears and sent these things flying.

Pick a color.

I never knew how to make these, but it was a good day when it got passed around.

Why does it have different hole sizes?!

You weren't allowed to sharpen anything but pencils in it, anyway.

Bagged lunch kids had the upper hand.

They'd swoop in and stake their claim while the rest of us humps waited for microwaved pizza nuggets and a fruit cup.

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