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Source: Twitter

People on Twitter Caught up With Their Old Grade School Teachers to See What's New


Do you know where your kindergarten teacher is today? Do you even remember their name? It's really easy to go down an internet rabbit hole looking for information about your old teachers. They did, after all, have an enormous impact on your early life. But when you find updated info about your old teachers, especially the ones you loved, should you contact them and tell them how much they meant to you? 

As the daughter of a teacher, I can tell you that is a resounding yes. Teachers love to hear how their old students are doing and it means a lot to them to hear that they have students who are out there still thinking about what they learned from them. 

Source: Twitter

Comedian Desus Nice inspired a whole bunch of people to look up old teachers with this tweet. It may have started out as a joke, but he triggered a whole movement of people finding out what happened to their old teachers and even contacting them and reconnecting with them. In this thread, many shared their findings, and they are (mostly) totally lovely.