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20 Tweets from Teachers That Will Convince You They Should Be Paid More



As the daughter of a teacher, I know firsthand how hard teachers work. Sure, they get summers "off." But they don't really, their workdays are no shorter than yours (including all the work they do outside of the classroom), they are criminally underpaid, and they're expected to pay for many classroom supplies out of their own pockets. 

Not to mention, they have to deal with children all day. The life of an educator, while very rewarding, is a struggle for many. These tweets from teachers are here to convince you that their job is not easy. In fact, it's probably harder than yours.

Puked on

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You could not pay me enough to get puked on by someone else's child. No thank you. I honestly can't think of a number that would make it worth it. Teachers definitely don't get paid enough.

Two classroom climates

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This is so true! Either classrooms are ice cold or sweltering hot. There is no in-between. I remember this from when I was a student, but in middle school and high school, at least I got to switch classrooms every 40 minutes or so. My poor teachers were stuck sweating (or freezing) in one room all day.

New schedules

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Teachers' schedules are always shifting and changing, especially when you have one group of kids all day. The multitasking required is mind-boggling. Obviously, it takes a few alarm reminders to keep you on track the first few weeks.

Dealing with parents

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As a teacher, not only do you have to wrangle kids all day, but you also have to deal with parents, and honestly, they're worse than their children a lot of the time. 

8-year-old burns

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If you work with little kids, they simply have no filter. They will make assumptions about you and insult you to your face without so much as a twitch in their perfect, little, innocent faces. They're monsters, every single one of them.

Red pen

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Chances are you carry around a lot of pens if you're a teacher. So every teacher knows what it's like to have ink explode all over their bag or their clothes. It's par for the course, unfortunately.

Catching bugs

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Teachers get sick more than any other people I know, and it's because they are basically surrounded by germ-filled slime buckets all day every day. It's not fun. 

Arts and crafts


Even though you're a teacher, just teaching isn't enough. So much more of your job is doing arts and crafts than you think it will be when you decide to major in education. 

Inappropriate questions

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Oh, you thought you were teaching little kids instead of your own mother?! Who does this little girl think she is?! You get enough of that at home. Kids can be straight-up cruel.

Stalker students

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I can't even imagine what it's like to be a teacher these days, when everyone has social media. You definitely don't want your kids finding your personal accounts. That could spell disaster. 

Too excited

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The thing you have to come to terms with as a teacher is that the kids will never — and I mean never — be as excited about the work as you are. Your job is to make them as excited as possible. But their enthusiasm will never reach your level.

No days off

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People think teachers have all this time off, but they spend countless hours outside of school creating lesson plans, putting together classroom materials, grading papers, and dealing with administrative stuff. Teaching is not a walk in the park. 

The fun killer

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As a teacher, you do, unfortunately, have to be the "fun killer" occasionally, even if you really do want to play with the toy that you just confiscated from your student. I always felt like teachers took stuff away from us just so they could have them and use them later. Turns out, I was right!

Intermittent paychecks

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Because teachers don't technically "work" in the summers, they also don't get paid during that time. That's so not cool. So many teachers I know take summer jobs because they struggle to make their meager salaries stretch until the new school year when they'll start to get paid again. 

No bathroom breaks

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This is a killer one for me. It didn't even occur to me that when you're the sole teacher in a classroom, you can't just leave to go to the bathroom when you need to. You have to suck it up or find someone to watch your kids while you go relieve yourself. That's it! I could never be a teacher.

Disappearing pencils

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I feel this hard, except this happens with...just me. I'll buy a box of pens and then like, two weeks later, I can't find a pen when I need one. Where do they all go?! This is a global conspiracy.

Dumb kids

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Teachers have to deal with dumb kids all the time, but they're not allowed to laugh at them or make fun of them, and that's unfortunate. How is this teacher supposed to keep a straight face when this kid tells her what they did?

Sick day struggles

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When you're a teacher, you can't just call out last minute. Many times, you have to find a sub for your class and provide them with an entire plan for what to teach the kids while you are out. It's often easier just to go in yourself and struggle through the day. And that shouldn't be!

Hair and makeup

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When you're a teacher, you're getting up and essentially doing a performance in front of people every single day. Not only do you have to be "on" all the time, but you also have to look presentable. As I am typing this from my couch in my pajamas, I could not imagine having to do this.

Seating charts

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Have you ever tried making a seating chart for a wedding? Now try doing that for multiple classrooms full of whiny children over and over again. Yeah. You get it.

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