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Source: Paramount Pictures / Twitter

20 Tweets from Teachers That Will Convince You They Should Be Paid More


As the daughter of a teacher, I know firsthand how hard teachers work. Sure, they get summers "off." But they don't really, their workdays are no shorter than yours (including all the work they do outside of the classroom), they are criminally underpaid, and they're expected to pay for many classroom supplies out of their own pockets. 

Not to mention, they have to deal with children all day. The life of an educator, while very rewarding, is a struggle for many. These tweets from teachers are here to convince you that their job is not easy. In fact, it's probably harder than yours.

Puked on

Source: Twitter

You could not pay me enough to get puked on by someone else's child. No thank you. I honestly can't think of a number that would make it worth it. Teachers definitely don't get paid enough.