Family Cat Went Missing and Was Found Dead...But Then She Showed up Outside Their House

Eric Schmidt shared the harrowing tale of the time they thought their cat had been run over, so his parents buried her, but then she appeared at their door the next day, alive and healthy.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Oct. 13 2020, Updated 11:30 a.m. ET

They say cats have nine lives, but that definitely doesn't mean they can come back to life after being run over by a car. That's something Eric Schmidt and his family learned the hard way.

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In a mega-viral tweet, Eric shared the text exchange he had with his parents when they broke the news that their family cat had died. His mother, in particular, was devastated. But what happened next, no one in his family could have predicted.

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Eric's dad texted to say that their cat, Kitty, had gone missing the other night and had just been found in the street, run over by a car. I love that their dad texted them to reach out to their mom about it. 

Obviously, anyone would be very emotional to find a pet that they loved and held dear dead. It's a traumatizing thing. It seems like this would be something that would take a good long while to get over. But this is not anywhere near close to where this story ends.

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In a very unexpected next update, Eric and his sister's dad explains that they had a nice burial service for Kitty and everything, and then when they got back to the house, Kitty was there, staring at him. Alive and well. 

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Eric's parents buried someone else's cat. How strange is that?! I wouldn't even know what to feel in that situation. Obviously, they're probably excited that Kitty is all right, but they've just grieved and went through the ritual of burying her, and then she shows up at their door? I would probably think there was something spooky at work here. I've read Pet Sematary!!! I know how these things go. Sometimes dead is better!

Obviously, Eric and his sister were beside themselves. This is not something that happens. It's not normal. But their mom seemed overjoyed that Kitty had returned safe and sound. She didn't at all seem concerned that Kitty was an undead zombie cat who would never be the same again.

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Kitty, on the other hand, looks like she tried to fake her death to run away and was caught and is now forced to return to this wholly unsatisfactory life. I hope that's just her face. 

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This story is absolutely bonkers as is but if you can believe it, there's another layer to it. It's not done yet. I know I've just asked you to get used to a family accidentally burying someone else's cat, but there is something else to it. So sit down, strap in, and take a deep breath. I don't know if you're ready for this.

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The casualness of "Oh, and BTW," gets me every single time. "No biggie. Just dug up a corpse. Turns out it wasn't even a cat but a wild rabbit. No biggie." 

I also love the last sentence. Obviously, Eric's dad knew he was going to rush to tell the world about it. And now, these screenshots have nearly 500,000 likes and six thousand retweets on Twitter. Whoops! But hey, at least Kitty is alive and well and they don't have to worry that she's some zombified reincarnation of herself!

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