Woman Blasts Family Dollar for Throwing out "Brand New" Products by The Hundreds

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Dec. 18 2023, Updated 5:47 p.m. ET

Let's face it: humanity can be pretty wasteful. There are lots of resources we can use to ensure that we make the most of our excess waste, but folks still have the unsavory habit of using more than they need and disposing of more than they should. We could do better to preserve the things we have before we bury ourselves in all the stuff we needlessly discard. Unfortunately, the little that the individual can do can often be outweighed by the things that bigger places are guilty of.

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We can always do our part to reduce waste, but that doesn't mean that larger entities won't have a large impact on their own. For instance, one woman inadvertently discovered that the Family Dollar she visited is supposedly throwing out new products after they don't sell. Here's what she found out and what she's shared on TikTok.

Family Dollar storefront
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This woman found out that Family Dollar is throwing out products even if they're brand new.

In a video posted in early December 2023, Dee on TikTok (@believeinyrdreams) shared that she had been shopping at a Family Dollar store. The variety chain store is popular for its low prices and wide availability of products ranging from food, clothes, decor, and more.

Unfortunately, her trip to Family Dollar was less than fruitful after she made a discovery about the store that had her jaw on the floor.

"Nothing ever shocks me, but this kind of did," Dee admitted in her video.

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At the time of her shopping trip, she had overheard the employees having an argument with one of them supposedly on the verge of an "anxiety attack." Reportedly, they were having an argument about the seasonal decorations they had on sale for Thanksgiving.

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As Dee tells it, the employees were apparently told to take unsold, unopened, never-been-used decorations and place them in the dumpster. She even asked one of the workers a few questions and found out that decorations aren't the only things that they throw out.

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Apparently, this particular store also throws out other items like unused clothes and even milk that hadn't yet reached its expiration date. Dee even went to the back of the store to see the damage. Sure enough, she found that the store dumpster was "overloaded" with unopened boxes and products.

"We have so many people and families in need," Dee lamented. "And when I see this sheer waste, it disgusts me and it makes me so angry."

In a follow-up, Dee even discovered that other places like Amazon are guilty of the same kind of wasteful practices.

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Sure enough, folks in the comments section of Dee's initial video shared her outrage.

One former Family Dollar employee wasn't even surprised, claiming, "It has always been 'destroy the merchandise and then dispose.' They never let us take anything with us."

"They would rather throw it away than donate it. They would make more money tax-wise by doing it as a write-off, most likely," another person wrote.

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Other people even shared similar horror stories where other chains and even restaurants would dispose of uneaten food by the dozens.

"Giant, Trader Joe's, Starbucks, and Olive Garden. The amount of food that is discarded is insane."

We can only hope that one day, big chains will do their own due diligence in reducing the amount of waste they produce and using their excess to help others.

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