"Excuse Me, Amazon?" — This Woman's Black Friday Christmas Shopping May Not Arrive Until January

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Dec. 12 2023, Published 6:55 p.m. ET

I online shop for myself more often than I probably should, but by now, I have most of the usual beats down. I try to find the best prices and make sure to look at the reviews where applicable. Most importantly, I make sure to check when my purchase is going to arrive. On a normal day, I check because I'm an impatient little gremlin and I need my retail-therapy serotonin ASAP. But like any Christmas shopper, I check during the holidays to make sure it'll come before Dec. 25.

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I mean, that's just common practice! Naturally, anyone shopping for Christmas will want to make sure that their gifts for other people arrive, you know ... by Christmas! You'd want time to wrap everything and make sure there's as little space underneath the tree as possible that isn't occupied by presents.

But even due diligence in delivery dates hasn't saved this Amazon shopper, whose Christmas gift purchases may not even arrive until January. Here's what she's gone through.

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This woman tried to check off her Christmas shopping on Black Friday, but Amazon may not deliver in time.

TikToker Meghan (@newmama_meg) posted a TikTok in late November 2023 where she divulges her Christmas shopping woes. At the time, she had just finished her Black Friday shopping on Amazon.

Like most Christmas shoppers, she took advantage of the Black Friday discounts in order to complete as much of her shopping list as she could. For a shopping day specifically geared toward Christmas, you would think that Amazon would accommodate the holiday and deliver before the 25th.

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Unfortunately, that might not be the case. Meghan was eventually notified that many of the gifts she had already purchased had an estimated arrival date range between Dec. 12, 2023, and Jan. 13, 2023. Needless to say, that date range was less than desirable.

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Meghan even revealed that she pays Prime rates for quicker shipping on her gifts. Though she wasn't expecting them to be on her doorstep immediately, she definitely wasn't planning for any of these to arrive after Christmas.

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"I thought our agreement was [that] I pay an annual fee to get quick shipping," Meghan complained. "I understand it's busier at Christmastime, totally get that. But this date is not OK! There's no way I would have even been close to ordering if there was even a chance that they wouldn't arrive by Christmastime. It wouldn't make any sense."

And she does have a point. With most shopping sites disclosing time frames for when packages will be delivered, it becomes easier to plan for things to arrive on certain dates. As such, even the average shopper would know not to order something if it wasn't projected to arrive on schedule, especially when it comes to Christmas.

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Meghan even expressed her intention to visit toy stores to potentially price-match the items she'd gotten on Amazon just so she could have "toys in hand."

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"I know there are bigger problems in this world and this really doesn't matter, [but] at the end of the day, I do wanna have gifts for my kids to open on Christmas morning. Sure, these could arrive. They might. But what if they don't?"

One would hope that the Amazon workers would receive fair wages during the busiest shopping season of the year, especially if items ordered on Christmas may not arrive by Christmas.

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