Woman Finds a Possum in Her Christmas Tree and It's Nothing Like a Disney Movie

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Dec. 7 2023, Published 10:14 p.m. ET

Any movie can be a Disney movie if you find a woodland creature has infiltrated your world. My mother's house used to be my grandmother's house and it backs up against some woods. As a child, I remember my grandmother throwing peanuts into the backyard. Fun fact, a peanut attracts all kinds of animals. If you're into birds, chipmunks, squirrels, foxes, raccoons, or possums, then stock up on unsalted peanuts. Now that my mother lives in that house, she is the wielder of peanuts. And so it goes.

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This is why I would welcome the sudden appearance of a possum in my home. Sure, their tails look like something out of an H.R. Giger drawing, but they have very adorable faces. A cute little possum face is what one woman saw peering out from the branches of her fake Christmas tree when she discovered this furry little hitchhiker in her home. How did she escort him out? Let's get into it.

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Is that a possum in your Christmas tree or are you just happy to see me?

Brett, who goes by @brettbratt359 on TikTok, documented the surprise house guest while asking social media for help. "I am literally freaking out right now," she said while moving closer to her tree. Upon further inspection, a little face is seen peering out from between the branches.

Because it's winter, Brett isn't leaving any doors or windows open which means the possums arrival is especially confusing. She admits to trying to get him out which begs the question, what has she tried? If it were me I would probably leave a trail of peanuts to the outside, but Brett probably doesn't know that trick.

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In a follow-up TikTok, she goes into detail about what happened. It all started when Brett heard a sneeze while she was sitting on her couch and typing on her laptop. Initially, she thought it might be one of her pets but after looking around and seeing they weren't there, she began to get concerned.

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"As I was looking around I see this really big, long-looking rat tail, and I just kind of stopped." You know what I would just kind of done? I would have sold my house and let him have the Christmas tree. After all it's silver and black which actually matches the possum's coat. It's a Christmas miracle!

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Once Brett realized the possum was pulling a Goldilocks in her tree, she called her boyfriend. I foolishly thought the boyfriend was going to come over and help but all he did was tell Brett to put on some rubber gloves in order to catch the possum. Incidentally his friends were laughing at her while he was relaying this information. He sounds nice!

Brett proceeded to do something I am 98 percent sure I will never do. She threw on the gloves and grabbed the possum around its waste. What she didn't realize was he has strong little hands that were holding onto the fake trunk of the tree like it was a deleted scene from the movie Twister.

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She also tried feeding him to no avail until Brett finally pulled each of his little fingers off the faux branch. Sadly he started flopping around and fell to the floor. "It wasn't very far," Brett assured us. At this point he hid beneath one of her couches. Each time Brett would move a couch, the possum would dart under the other one. I hope he was having fun!

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This is clearly a stressful situation as noted by the fact that Brett started to have an asthma attack and needed to rest. She waited for 10 minutes then gave the couch he was under a huge push. Brett tackled him and calmed him down as best she could.

"He was not mean. He was not aggressive," explained Brett. By the way she did try calling animal control but it was after hours and no one answered. She considered keeping him, but the poor dear stank to high heaven. That's also how some relationships end so, I get it!

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