Man Gives a Frightened Baby Raccoon a “Dad Talk” Before Rescuing It From a Pool

Humans being afraid of animals isn’t new. But one couple witnessed a raccoon so scared of them that it almost wouldn’t let them save it.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jul. 12 2023, Published 2:07 p.m. ET

Summer is undoubtedly a popular season to gather with the ones you love. The longer days allow more space to plan a cookout or to spend the day poolside with a refreshing beverage by your side. But sometimes, a summertime adventure at the pool gets interrupted by unexpected visitors.

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One couple experienced having an unwelcomed, four-legged guest in their pool: a raccoon! The raccoon’s presence stunned the pair, though they soon learned the creature was the one who feared for its life.

Keep reading to see what happened.

A group of baby raccoons outside.
Source: Getty Images
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A woman recorded her husband rescuing a baby raccoon from their pool.

On TikTok, @bflolily posted a 45-second video of her husband saving a baby raccoon. The video opened with the TikToker yelling, “OK, we’re going to help you,” as she zoomed in on the raccoon, afraid it would drown in the water. As her husband approaches the animal, you can hear loud squeals coming from it as it holds onto the pool’s rail for dear life.

The woman's hubby continued helping the frightened baby raccoon and warned, “Next time, watch what you’re doing,” as he grabbed the pool’s net. He then attempted to bring the raccoon to safety, but the raccoon refused to budge and kept clinging to the pool rail.

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The couple realized the raccoon’s fear of falling into the water and immediately tried to calm its nerves. While her husband attempts to scoop the raccoon out of the pool, it continues screaming and won’t “let go” so he can save it.

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Eventually, the woman stepped in and encouraged her “little buddy” to “trust” her husband to help it get out of the water. The husband then pushed the net next to the raccoon for it to jump in whenever it was ready.

After much hesitation, the raccoon finally decided to hop in the net and rested on the concrete beside the pool. The woman watched as the raccoon shook and expressed concern for its apparent fear.

“Poor baby, he’s scared to death,” the TikToker said of the raccoon.

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The woman ended her TikTok with a video of her husband reuniting the dry baby raccoon with another one in their area “30 minutes later.” Upon watching the rescue, many fellow TikTokers commented on their gratitude for seeing the raccoon make it out of the pool.

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Several users stated they were afraid for the raccoon after hearing how scared it was to climb into the pool net. Others praised the woman's husband for giving the raccoon a stern talking-to before he saved it from the pool.

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"I love the 'dad' response … 'next time, watch what you’re doing,'" one user joked.

"Dads will be ‘dadding’ any time they can," said a second commenter.

Many more TikTok users suggested the couple keep the rescued raccoon and the second one from the end of the video. They stated they couldn’t imagine letting go of the “wittle babies” after saving one from possibly drowning.

While the woman didn’t confirm she kept the raccoon, she said she would make a “part two” of what happened to her furry friend soon.

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