A Woman Soft Launches Her Divorce on Social Media, Feeds the Internet's Curiosity

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jul. 12 2023, Published 10:30 a.m. ET

We all have at least two lives — our everyday lives and social media lives. We’ve all seen the “Instagram vs. Reality” memes, but when something tragic happens in our everyday lives, how do we marry that with our online personas? TikTok user @sierraontiktok takes us step-by-step through her soft launch divorce process like it’s an IKEA manual.

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Now Sierra has the most iconic divorce story of all time because she has been picked up by news outlets! That will show her cheating ex-husband. So, here are all the dirty details, from how she maneuvered her expert soft launch to why they divorced.

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Sierra shared the details of how she soft-launched her divorce on TikTok as a “little game.”

After hearing the details of Sierra’s relationship, we are fully on board with her divorce. But before we get into all the nitty-gritty, let’s dive into what made Sierra go viral in the first place — her soft launch! She talked us through the steps of her soft launch like they were a recipe … and honestly, they are a recipe for getting over an ex!

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First, she didn’t post anything on Christmas or New Year's with her ex, when they normally take matching photos with their dog for the holidays. In January, she shared a carousel of her “top five” … none of those pics included her ex-husband. In fact, one of the pics was just a comment that said, “I’d take away men’s rights so fast.” Sierra added, “People might think that I’m in my man-hating era, and I kinda am.” Go, queen!

Sometime in February, Sierra posted her first solo pic in ages looking fierce in men’s jeans that she accidentally bought a couple of weeks prior. Why not give the jeans to her husband? Because he is no longer there! Then she changed her Facebook profile picture from their wedding picture to a throwback solo pic from 2019 to not alert the feeds.

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And the kicker — on Valentine’s Day, Sierra only shared a post on her story that said, “Time isn’t real, but my back pain is,” with Britney Spears in the lotus position. No Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day celebration with the hubby? Looks suspicious. She then made her relationship status private on Facebook (rather than just changing it) and posted divorce-themed memes throughout March.

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Eventually, Sierra first said the big D-word (divorce) in a comment on TikTok, “Saving this for my hard launch divorce post ty bestie.” And the last step was deleting all the pics of her ex day by day. Then it’s time for the hard launch, aka the video about her soft launch! Our girl did it, as difficult as it is.

Sierra answered the internet’s prayers by sharing the details of her divorce.

Sierra said that one reason she decided to walk us through her soft launch is because she knows that the internet is nosy! She’s not an influencer or celebrity, she makes clear, but she is a regular person who enjoys her fair stalk and see. Let’s be honest — we’ve all done it. An acquaintance from high school starts sharing photos without their significant other and we can’t help but wonder if their relationship went up in flames, even if we haven’t talked to them in years.

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Most of the time, those mysteries are left open-ended (unless we have a mutual friend we can ask for the details). Sierra, however, is satisfying all the internet sleuths by answering their questions on her TikTok. She gets into the gruesome details of her divorce, from discovering that her husband cheated on her to their final day in court. She even makes light of the TikTok GRWM trend to get ready for her divorce court date and STD testing.

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Basically, after she had a funny feeling, she gave her husband her old Apple Watch, which he forgot to delete the texts from. She found him messaging another woman he had met up with 16 months prior. He admitted that he cheated but said it was just with one woman. However, when Sierra messaged the woman seeing red, she was not only kind and understanding (she had no idea Sierra existed), but she believed that he cheated with multiple women.

Sierra asked for screenshots, which were very painful to read, and discovered that her ex had cheated on her with at least eight different women. Yep, he was a serial cheater, and he deserves every bit of shade from the internet! Sierra protects the identities of the women, most of whom were never told he was married.

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Together, they drove to tell their parents what he did. He had to inform his parents how he ruined his marriage and then tell Sierra’s parents. That was Sierra's last conversation with her dad before he passed away because their eventual divorce led her into a hole of depression and isolation. Their couples therapist encouraged them to take 30 days apart from one another, during which Sierra felt like she was “on vacation.”

When Sierra's dad passed away, that was her last straw — she decided she wanted a divorce and finally vocalized it on Valentine’s Day. On July 11, 2023, the divorce was finalized, and our girl Sierra is now free to heal from her husband’s emotional abuse. It’s the Summer of Sierra, and we are here for it!

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