“She Didn’t Look Too Confident” — Doctor Gets Caught Watching Ankle-Wrapping Video

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jul. 11 2023, Published 3:22 p.m. ET

A man saw his doctor watching an ankle wrapping tutorial before treating him
Source: TikTok/@_josh_bulman_

Many often assume their doctor has all the answers when seeking medical treatment. No matter the injury or illness, people expect healthcare professionals to possess limitless knowledge about each and every situation.

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However, physicians are only human, and sometimes, they need a bit of a refresher. In a viral TikTok, creator Joshua Bulman (@_josh_bulman_) captured footage of his doctor viewing an ankle-wrapping tutorial before treating his injured ankle.

While he seemingly felt unsettled about the entire situation, other creators revealed that the occurrence is far more common than most people think. So, what went down exactly, and what was TikTok’s response?

Here’s what you need to know.

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A man saw his doctor watching an ankle-wrapping video before treating his ankle
Source: TikTok/@_josh_bulman_

A doctor watched an ankle-wrapping video before treating a patient.

In his viral video, Joshua shared a clip of himself at the doctor’s office when he needed treatment for his injured ankle. However, while sitting in the chair, he noticed something odd.

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Because the door was left open, the creator watched as his doctor sat in front of a computer and played a tutorial on how to wrap an ankle. And the funniest (er, alarming) part? She looked incredibly stressed as she observed the ankle-wrapping video.

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“POV: My doctor watching a video on how to wrap an ankle before she wraps my ankle,” the creator wrote in his video. After videotaping the medical professional watching the tutorial for several seconds, Joshua flipped the camera around to record himself.

He then sighed and let out a defeated “OK.” While many would prefer that their doctors be well-versed in the treatment they offer, users in the comment section noted that sometimes a refresher is necessary.

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People defended the doctor for watching the ankle-wrapping tutorial.

Commenters defending the doctor for watching an ankle wrapping tutorial
Source: TikTok/@_josh_bulman_

While Joshua was alarmed by the doctor’s need to view a how-to video before wrapping his ankle, other TikTok creators urged him to reevaluate his thoughts about the situation.

“Being a professional at something just means knowing where to find the answers,” one user pointed out. “Not having the answers.” Another person added, “I’m in medicine and trust me, you want them looking up the refresher.”

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Someone else noted that wrapping techniques vary depending on the severity and type of sprain or break one has. “Different breaks have different wrapping techniques,” they wrote. “Trust me, it’s good for them to refresh unless you want it to heal wrong.”

The doctor looks stressed as she watches the ankle-wrapping video on a computer
Source: TikTok/@_josh_bulman_
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On the flip side, some creators couldn’t help but laugh about the situation. “She didn’t look too confident either,” one user wrote, followed by several crying laughing emojis.

“Would be funny if you had it wrapped when she got in and just said, ‘I watched the video with u,’” another person joked. However, the consensus seemed to be that the doctor was right for looking up the refresher video.

And several medical professionals admitted that they also do the same. “Considering how much doctors have to know and how complicated bodies are…” someone wrote. “Yeah, I’m OK with this.”

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