“They Saw Nothing but Bad” — Woman Said Her Dislocated Knee Resulted in a Leg Amputation

One woman’s horrifying hospital experience involved her losing her leg after dislocating her knee in her backyard in August 2022.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jun. 27 2023, Published 4:53 p.m. ET

They say that a person’s life can change in an instant. Everything you thought you knew about yourself and others around you could be totally different one day, forcing you to adapt to a new situation or environment.

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One woman experienced a difficult life update and shared her story on TikTok. During one video, she explained how a knee injury suddenly made her a leg amputee.

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A woman shared on TikTok how a dislocated knee caused her to become a leg amputee.

In April 2023, TikTok user Deanna Rancillo (@deannarancillo) shared a video on her page after noticing she had about 1,000 new followers. Deanna’s two-minute and 53-second post showed her replying to what she believed to be a new fan’s question.

The user, @e.e.k3, asked Deanna to explain how she became an above-the-knee amputee after suffering a broken leg. Following the user’s request, Deanna gave a short “storytime” on how her amputation happened.

Deanna explained that she didn’t have a broken leg initially. She said she “dislocated” her knee, which caused it to turn “completely backward” before she fell in her backyard. The mother of three immediately called 911.

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However, Deanna claimed she was the only one seemingly rushing because the ambulance “took forever” to get her in the truck. Then, there were another 30 minutes of riding to the hospital, which should have been 10 minutes from her house. Once she arrived at the hospital, the TikToker said she was in the hospital “for four hours” before the doctors gave her pain medicine for her leg.

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Deanna also underwent twilight anesthesia — an anesthetic technique that uses mild drugs to block pain, reduce anxiety, and provide temporary memory loss — as her doctors worked to put her leg back in place. She said she was in twilight for “another five hours” and had to be assisted by doctors with “muscles.”

After putting her leg back in, the doctors performed a CT scan. The CT scan showed Deanna had a blood clot at the bottom of her leg near her shin bone.

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The fall caused her to press on the artery, resulting in Deanna losing the “entire blood supply to the bottom of my leg.” The blood clot forced her to undergo “four or five” surgeries. Deanna said she spent a week in the hospital, where the “arrogant” surgeons continued operating on her body. It wasn’t until she transferred to another hospital that she had another CT to discover how severe her injury had become.

“I then got to the hospital, I was butt naked, and they cleaned me off, and then took me to another CT,” Deanna recalled. “And in that CT, they saw nothing but bad.”

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Deanna said another surgery resulted in her losing her leg.

The surgeon at the second hospital sat Deanna down before she had yet another operation. This time, the doctor told her they would “save” as much of her leg as possible. When she woke up from the surgery, Deanna was an “above-the-knee amputee.”

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“So, no, I was not born with it,” she confirmed to her audience. “I haven't dealt with this my whole life. It's only literally been since August.”

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Deanna received multiple comments suggesting she should take legal action against her doctors.

Deanna’s story touched many fellow TikTokers, as shown in her comments. Several commenters were furious after hearing what happened and said her being amputated was an example of her surgeons’ “negligence.”

Thankfully, Deanna shared in her comments section that she has since hired a lawyer and will be suing her former doctors for malpractice.

Meanwhile, she continues posting videos about her new normal and inspires her followers daily.

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