"Should I Go 50/50 on the Date?" — Woman Asks Who Pays for Movies and Drinks on First Date

In a viral social post, a woman is asking folks who pays on the first date for movies and drinks and folks are talking about dating expectations.

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Jul. 24 2023, Published 3:41 p.m. ET

Most folks navigating the current dating field believe that the dating pool has pee in it. No matter who you date, folks have been open about potential partners having everything from unrealistic expectations to improper dating etiquette. As such, some folks are quite content with having a dog (or cat if you prefer) and navigating life single.

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On social media, conversations around dating remain a hot topic as folks chronicle their dating experiences. In fact, one TikTok user shared that she was preparing for a first date that consisted of movies and drinks, but once the topic of who pays came up, it left her questioning her next move about splitting the date 50/50. Here’s the full scoop.

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A TikTok user shared that she was confused discussing who pays for a first date with movies and drinks.

Baby … navigating the dating pond post-pandemic is a treacherous task. In a July 13, 2023, TikTok video, creator Morgan Roos (@morganroos96) shared a recent experience in regards to who pays for a first date.

“Like who should be paying what on the first date? Should I even go at all?” the video caption reads.

As the video begins, Morgan tells her unsurprising tale.

“I need y’all help in figuring out who is wrong in this scenario because I genuinely can’t figure it out,” Morgan said. “So, I’m talking to this guy who is 38, a doctor, and really cute, and he asked me out on a first date for next weekend.”

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“He’s like ‘Hey, would you like to go out with me? I’m thinking about drinks. What would you like to do?’” Morgan recalled. “I said, ‘Ooh, drinks might be fun, but like the new Barbie movie comes out and I’d really like to see that. He’s like ‘OK, that would be cool, let’s do that.’”

The doctor continued to share how pleased he was with the suggestion. But unfortunately, things took a turn.

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“So, I got a text from him last night,” Morgan said. “And he’s like, 'Hey, did you get the tickets yet?'” And I said, ‘No, with a question mark.’”

As the conversation continued, it was clear that the pair had their wires crossed.

“He’s like, “Why not? Are they sold out already?’” Morgan said the doctor asked. “And I was like, ‘No, to be honest, I didn’t even look yet. And I’m under the impression that this was a first date. And he’s like, ‘It is? I’m the one that recommended drinks, you’re the one that recommended a movie.’”

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Morgan continued: “And I can’t tell who is in the wrong here because while he’s correct, I’m the one that recommended the movie, you’re the one that asked me on a first date. And you also asked me what I would like to do. And I said yeah, ‘Drinks and a movie would be awesome.’”

Morgan then asked if she should go 50/50 on the date, like “he pays for drinks and I pay for the movie since I recommended it?” She also questioned whether the doctor should pay since it was the first date.

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TikTok users believe that Morgan’s date has exhibited major red flags and she should cease communication with him.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks have yet to realize the importance of vetting someone. By asking the appropriate questions, one can learn about a potential partner and decide if they are a suitable match.

That said, based on Morgan’s account of the conversation she had with the doctor about the date, folks believe that he is a walking red flag, with good reason. After all, most people believe that he should have paid no matter what and others believe that if he wanted to split the cost, he should have been vocal about it.

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“RUN 🚩 it’s the beginning of a nickel and dime relationship. been there, not fun, no matter the career,” one person said.

“He should have established in the initial convo 'Great I got the drinks, you got the movie?'” another user shared.

“I just feel like it was passive-aggressive to say, 'Hey did you get the tickets yet?' Like he knows what he is doing,” one person chimed in.

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Truth be told, the sentiments of TikTok users are spot on. In fact, this is a great example of why it’s important to ask questions about what the other person is looking for in a partner.

Basically, the doctor seems to be partial to living a modern lifestyle, where he splits the costs of things with his partner. On the flip side, based on Morgan believing that he would pay for the first date, she comes off as being more traditional in a sense. However, some modern women also expect their potential mates to pay for the first date, especially if they asked the other person out.

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Truthfully, planning a first date should be a breeze and a chance for a potential couple to get to know each others' interests. It shouldn’t be a debate about who should pay.

So the fact that the doctor was passive-aggressive with how he asked about the movie tickets, shows that he expected Morgan to pay without properly communicating. In essence, that’s a red flag within itself.

Throw him back to the streets sis!

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