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Source: facebook

School's First Latina Valedictorian Nearly Forced to Share Honors With Other Students


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of working your tail off and getting recognized for your achievements. Be it at the office through a promotion or in sports with medals and trophies, no success should go uncelebrated. The title of valedictorian in high school is no different, because at least from what I recall, balancing school work, social life and extracurricular activities is almost impossible without something taking a backseat, but not for this student.

Natalie Ramos, a senior at Jesse Bethel High School, managed this impressive feat but it seems like she’s being forced to share her hard-earned title with nine other students.

Ivette Ramos, Natalie’s mother shared her story on Facebook: 

“My daughter Natalie is ranked No. 1 in her class with a 4.27 GPA. She was told by her counselor that she would be the first Latina Valedictorian at Jesse Bethel High School and it seems like the Principal has a problem with that. Principal Cusi wants her to share the spot with 9 other students. This has never been done before at Jesse Bethel, why now? The moment a Latina becomes Valedictorian it seems to be a problem.”