Flight Attendant Says Rude First-Class Passenger Demanded In-Flight Service During Turbulence

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jan. 4 2024, Published 5:09 p.m. ET

A flight attendant TikToker @destanieaaa revealed that a rude passenger demanded in-flight service during turbulence.
Source: TikTok / @destanieaaa

Why do some people morph into etiquette-challenged creatures the moment they step onto a plane? It's like they've mistaken the aircraft for the "Entitlement Express." Not everyone's on board with this rudeness, especially the flight attendants who are just trying to keep the friendly skies from turning into a chaotic experience.

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Just ask Destanie (@destanieaaa), a flight attendant by day and TikTok creator by night who recently took to the social media platform to spill the beans on the craziest stunts pulled by passengers. Brace yourself for this one: A first-class diva with the nerve to demand in-flight service during turbulence. OK, seriously?!

Check out the full story below, and stick around to hear what the internet has to say about this.

A female flight attendant demonstrates safety procedures for passengers.
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A rude passenger insisted on receiving in-flight service during turbulence.

In the viral video, posted on Dec. 24, 2023, Destanie explained that the captain had notified all passengers about the anticipated turbulence during the initial 30 minutes of the flight. Consequently, everyone was required to stay seated until it was deemed safe to stand up.

While adhering to the instructions and remaining in her seat, Destanie noticed a female passenger fixating her gaze on her. Despite Destinie offering a friendly smile, the woman persisted in staring until Destanie felt compelled to look away. Eventually, the woman spoke up: "Hi, so tell me why I haven't been served yet? Tell me why."

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Destanie then clarified the situation, relaying the captain's announcement about the need for all passengers and the entire crew to stay seated until it was safe to do otherwise. The woman seemed to miss the point, insisting that it was the "smoothest flight" she had ever experienced.

"Yeah, so it does feel smooth, but turbulence happens super unexpectedly," Destanie explained. "And he's seeing on our flight map that it is expected to get turbulent, and he doesn't think it's safe for us to get up."

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Undeterred, the rude passenger argued, "Yeah, anything can happen unexpectedly. It can happen from now to 12:00 in the morning. So tell me why you're not serving us."

Destanie calmly reiterated that everyone must follow the captain's orders to stay seated for their safety and the safety of those around us. In response, the woman dismissively remarked, "That's just bizarre, whatever."

Destanie mentioned that once the turbulence subsided, she conducted the beverage service in the main cabin. Upon returning to assist in first class, her co-worker tearfully recounted how the woman had made her cry because they ran out of chardonnay, and she had to settle for pinot grigio instead. First world problems, people!

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Many flight attendants shared their experiences in the comment section.

Destanie's viral video has amassed over 167,400 views and counting. The clip also received more than 9,600 likes and 182 comments from fellow flight attendants chiming in with their experiences of dealing with unruly passengers.

"The way I got yelled at because he didn't get his rum and Coke when we were in turbulence the entire flight," a TikTok user shockingly wrote in the comment section.

"It boggles me how people lack situational awareness holy" - tiktok flight attendant rude passgengers
Source: TikTok
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A second TikToker said, "Had to stop service for a medical emergency the other day and then got screamed at for not getting this lady her Coke during it."

"I got yelled at for adjusting someone's bag to make room for another," a third TikTok user added.

Another person commented, "Lol, people are wild. I got yelled at this morning because I asked someone to sit in their assigned seat ... Happy Holidays!"

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"I will forever be kind to airline staff, I can only imagine how stressful their jobs are"
Source: TikTok

Someone else revealed, "A woman asked me for two ice cubes in her drink then screamed in my face when I gave her two regular-sized ice cubes because she wanted larger ones."

One brave soul dropped a major bombshell: "Had a [passenger] who passed away in [a] cabin during breakfast service and two [people] asked for drinks while we were doing CPR."

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