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Flight Attendants Dish on the 15 Things They Wish Passengers Knew


When flying the friendly skies, flight attendants serve an essential purpose, and it's not just to bring you snacks and drinks and make sure the WiFi is working. They also keep the cabin secure and are trained to assist in emergencies. So obviously all passengers should want to treat them with respect and make their jobs as easy as possible, right?

However, you may be doing things that annoy flight crew without even realizing it, and there's a lot people don't understand about their job. So here are 15 little known airline crew facts and ways passengers could make the experience a whole lot easier.

1. Safety — not hospitality — is their primary duty.

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A lot of people unfortunately treat flight attendants like waitresses, and a significant portion of the people who do this clearly don't treat actual waitresses very well if their behavior in the air is any indication. But as an Alaska Airlines flight attendant tells Business Insider, bringing you food and drinks is not their sole purpose or even the most important. "We are  primarily trained in safety and hospitality comes after that," they said. 

Flight crew are certified in CPR and first aid, and are also trained to extinguish small fires, handle bomb threats or hijacking attempts and, yes, to deal with intoxicated, aggressive passengers.