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Source: twitter

Woman Live-Tweets a Passenger Who Took His Pants off Mid-Flight


Everyone wants to travel in comfort, but one passenger might've gotten a bit too comfortable on a recent flight.

Travelling in constrictive clothing is not ideal, especially when you're seated for hours upon hours and hours. With delays, shrinking economy class seats, and a general lack of proper ventilation on an airplane, things can get uncomfortable quite quickly.

So it's best to wear light, breathable clothing that are elastic. Sweatpants and athletic wear, even though you're doing the opposing of participating in athletic activities, is probably you're best course of action when flying.

No one wants to be stuck on a plane in a 3-piece-suit and leather shoes.

You might even start removing articles of clothing, or kick off your shoes so you can wiggle your toes. Maybe don't kick your stinky feet up so they're all up in another passenger's grill, but you probably won't offend anyone by getting comfortable that way.

What you wouldn't want to do is take off your pants, as tempting as that might be. You'd think you wouldn't have to tell someone that, but Twitter user Lizzie Thompson found who is possibly the only man in the world that needed to be reminded of that in the pre-takeoff announcement.