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20 Years Later, These Emotional 'Futurama' Moments Still Make Us Cry


When you're watching an animated show from Matt Groening, you generally know what you're getting: a witty piece of comedy with a variety of kooky characters and situations that are nothing short of delightful.

I remember when Futurama first debuted on Fox 20 years ago. Billed as the "next big thing" from the creator of The Simpsons (which was my and my siblings' favorite show growing up), we eagerly awaited the premiere.

It quickly became one of my favorite things to watch and, every time I caught a rerun, I noticed a new joke or detail I had missed the first or second time around. The show continued to surprise me with just how layered the comedy was.

But something else about Futurama surprised me: how it could often hit you with some heartrendingly profound moments out of nowhere.

1. "Jurassic Bark": S04E07

We might as well start this list off with a bang. Not only is this the heaviest Futurama moment, it's probably one of the heaviest moments in TV history. In the episode, we learn what happens to Fry's dog, Seymour, after he was frozen and woke up in the year 3000. The audience is "treated" to a montage of the dog waiting for his best friend every day outside of Panucci's Pizza. Seasons change, time passes, yet Seymour waits diligently for his pal until finally, he rests his head and dies. Devoted to the very end.

Great now I'm crying.