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Source: amazon

Now You Can Buy Giant Shoe Beds for Dogs Who Love Chewing on Slippers


For some reason, pets love destroying shoes. I don't know if it's an evolutionary trait, or they're upset at the entire idea of footwear because they scamper around everywhere on their bare paws, but I've seen both dogs and cats utterly destroy sandals, slippers, sneakers, boots, you name it, with malicious intent. Well, maybe it's not malicious, but they have a certain amount of enthusiasm in the destruction of things we put on our feet.

If you've ever wanted to feel the full strength of your dog in a high-stakes tug of war match, just try and pry that sneaker they're eating in front of you from their mouth.

And while it's kind of funny to dwell on their shoe-chewing obsession, it's really annoying, and expensive, to have to constantly replace your favorite pair of kicks just because Rover wanted something to munch on.