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Source: instagram | getty

Studies Show A Good Portion of People Love Their Pet More Than Their Partner


A recent study in the UK revealed that a staggering number of people would rather dole out more affection to their pet than their romantic partner.

There's something magical about animals that human beings just can't touch. Animals know exactly what they're about. If a snake bites you, you're never really angry at the snake, because that's what they do. Humans though? It's tough to figure them out a lot of times.

We're rarely disappointed with animals, and let's say you have a dog that directly disobeys you and tears up the couch, the guilt that they feel when they scold you is profound. They don't want to be out of your favor and will do anything in their power to make sure that you love them again. Just take a look at any guilty pet compilation and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about

But it seems that more and more people are growing to love animals, the ones that they live with anyway, more than the people that they live with. My first thought? It's kind of hard to blame them. I'd wager that lots of people have pets because they genuinely love their company. Significant others? Not so much. I once knew a girl who flipped out on her boyfriend because he was "bad to watch TV with." Much harder to do that with an animal as they're probably the best company.