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Source: getty

Science Says Couples Who Make Fun of Each Other Have Better Relationships

By Mustafa Gatollari

Picture it: you're in a relationship with someone who "ticks all the boxes." They're considerate, kind, great with your friends and family. They make a decent amount of money, they're responsible, and they're good-looking. They can also be pretty funny sometimes, which is always a plus.

However, they absolutely can't stand it when you make a polite joke at their expense.

When I was younger, I was definitely the type to get overly sensitive about jokes girlfriends would make about me, because I'm an emotional wreck of a human being. Which was super whack because I'd make some pretty great jokes about them — not a good relationship to have. So it's something I promised I'd never do again and, lo and behold, my relationships with everybody improved after that. I pride myself on the fact that I can both dish it out and take it in the insult-joke department.

It feels me with absolute dread of being in a relationship with someone who's constantly looking to get offended by gibes here and there, and it looks like my fears are confirmed by science: because research shows that the happiest couples are those who can playfully laugh with one another. Especially when it comes to joking about each other. Lovingly, of course.