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Source: Getty

Ryan Reynolds Roasted Blake Lively When She Tried To Flirt With His 'Brother'

By Aimee Lutkin

There's no doubt Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have the perfect relationship. They manage to be loving parents, successful actors, and still find time for their marriage. How do they fit it all in? By confining their squabbles to social media.

The two are always teasing each other on Instagram and Twitter, to fans delight. Probably also to the delight of their enemies, if they take even half of these public spats seriously. Whether it's saying they need time alone, or implying infidelity, these two seem to always be on the same wavelength.

They're also great at drawing attention to advertising opportunities. Ryan Reynolds has bought into a product called Aviation Gin, and to promote it, he sat down with his "twin" Gordon, for an interview. Obviously, Gordon is played by Reynolds.