How Gigi Gorgeous Reacted to Trisha Paytas' Transgender Coming Out Video

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Aug. 14 2020, Updated 3:07 p.m. ET

By now, you have most likely heard that YouTuber and reality star, Trisha Paytas, made a video titled "I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)." In the video, she comes out as gender fluid, saying that sometimes, she feels as though she was meant to be a gay man, while other times she's happy as a woman.

And while coming out about one's sexuality can be incredibly difficult, fellow YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous' reaction to Trisha Paytas' transgender coming out video was very understanding.

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Shortly after Trisha's video went live on Monday, fans began voicing how they felt about it. Many of the reactions were negative, implying that Trisha's new label was simply a cry for attention. 

Prominent drag queen Vicky Vox tweeted about it, for example, saying she felt as though it was clickbait. And she definitely wasn't the only one who felt that way.

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Gigi Gorgeous voiced her thoughts on Trisha Paytas.

However, one person who was open to hearing more about it was Trisha's longtime famous bestie, Gigi Gorgeous. Initially, the Canadian influencer and model — who is also transgender — admitted that she was "shocked, a little bit offended, and a lot confused." 

But after calling up Trisha to talk about it, Gigi came back with some insight on the matter.

Once Gigi confirmed that Trisha's video wasn't clickbait, Gigi voiced her thoughts in a video titled "Trisha: My Thoughts." In the video, she mulls over the fact that being trans isn't about how you look, it's more about how you feel. 

She also stresses how vital it is to believe someone who comes out as transgender. People should not question how others identify, and since coming out is so difficult in the first place, it's best to be surrounded by positivity and reassurance.  

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In Gigi's video, she said, "What I found out through the years through my journey is that being transgender is who you are, it's your soul. It's not about how you look. I firmly believe that when someone tells you who they are, what their label is, how they want to be identified, you have to believe that person." Gigi said.

She continued: "Trisha said, 'I am a transgender man,' and that is exactly how I will view him." Take a look at the full video, below. 

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Patrick Starrr, on the other hand, was not as understanding. 

After Trisha posted the video, fellow YouTuber Patrick Starrr responded to Trisha’s tweet that linked to her “I AM TRANSGENDER” video. 

He said, “ARE YOU F--KING STUPID. Being TRANS IS NOT A COSTUME. Just because I wear a wig and lashes... does not make me a WOMAN for the time that I play dress up. APOLOGIZE NOW.” And although he apologized for being harsh, he followed up, “I’m not going to tolerate disrespect to the trans community.” 

Not everyone has supported Trisha through her major announcement. However, Gigi's wisdom regarding gender fluidity was incredibly insightful. 

It's definitely something to think about before voicing judgments on the matter.

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