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Source: Facebook

A Girl Scout Created "Jason Samoas" And Everyone Wants A Bite


Maintaining your New Year's resolution of losing a few pounds is so hard when every Girl Scout in the country is trying to push delicious cookies on you. 

Girl scouts have found some pretty interesting ways to increase their sales in the past. Whether it was the young entrepreneur who had the idea to sell cookies outside a weed dispensary, or the six-year-old who remixed 'Redbone' and ended up selling 5,000 cookies, including 113 to Donald Glover himself, they've all had very creative methods.

And whether you like Thin Mints, S'mores, or Samoas, we can all agree on thing — Jason Momoa is a handsome man. That's why one fifth-grader's idea to put a photo of Jason Momoa from Aquaman on her cookie boxes is so ingenious. The best part?  They're called "Jason Momoas," get it?