Here Is The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie In Your State



There are some feuds as old as time — but none are as contentious as the heated Thin Mints camp versus Samoas (or Caramel deLites as they're known in some states) fanatics quarrel. If you don't know what we're talking about, then you were clearly deprived in your childhood, and for that we're sorry. 

Which Girl Scout cookie is the best? Which is most beloved? Does caramel or mind go better with chocolate?

If these questions can't be answered, we must know one thing: which team actually has more support? 

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Now, we finally have some definitive results — on a state-by-state basis, no less.


Thanks to a poll of people in all 50 states by Influenster, a product review platform, we can finally get some answers.  

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Obviously, Thin Mints came in at #1 overall, as the favorite cookie in nearly half of the states. Apparently, the chocolatety-minty goodness really does the trick in in California, Virginia, Illinois, Alaska, Virginia, and Michigan, among others.  

Samoas, a worthy adversary, ranked second overall, beloved by the most of the South. Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, and Florida (to name a few) would rather munch on that smooth chocolatey caramely heaven.  

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Even Tagalongs performed respectably, coming in at #3, having won the favor of six states and Washington, D.C. The chocolate peanut butter combo, while a classic, just can't hold a candle to the caramel or mint.  

Finally, Do-si-dos ranked fourth — the peanut butter sandwich cookies are appreciated in Vermont and Wyoming.  

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...And the other six types of cookies didn't even place. What can we say? We love the classics.  

And the new options are, as one precocious scout reminded us, a "gluten-free wasteland."You can check out the full list here. Happy Girl Scout cookie season! 


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