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Source: facebook

College Grad Who Couldn't Find Job Leaves U.S. to Avoid Paying Student Loans


In 2011 and at 30 years old, Chad Albright sought a new beginning over 7,000 miles away from his home and loved ones. China was a long way from Pennsylvania, but it also distanced him from a dreaded $30,000 student loan debt. 

Such an extreme move came after years of depression from bills piling up and one failed job interview after another. "I had to escape this debtors’ prison," Chad said. "That's what America became to me, a prison. So I left." He felt like this was his only choice, his only hope for a better life.

As with many students embarking on the college journey, taking out student loans seems like a viable option when savings and other financial aid options aren’t enough. The rationale is that you’ll be in debt temporarily, and then you’ll graduate with your degree, get a job that pays well, and be able to square away your loans within a few years.