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Source: istock

Grandparents Who Babysit Their Grandkids Have Longer, Healthier Lives


It turns out that foisting your kids on your parents so you can have some alone time isn't just good for your social life — it's also good for your folks' long-term health.

Growing up in a traditional Albanian home, I wasn’t just surrounded by members of my nuclear family on a daily basis. We lived in a large house with my grandparents, and aunts and uncles were visiting so often they might as well have lived there, too.

Although I have two brothers and a sister and we’re not that far apart in age, my mom managed to prepare large family meals, keep the house tidy, and do lots of activities with us.

There were times when my dad was traveling for work and a lot of pressure was on my mother to hold down the fort, but she had the best support system always there for her and for us: my grandparents. 

As much as helping out with the grandkids benefited my parents, science says there's an additional benefit many people might not be considering. As it turns out, watching over us children helped keep our grandparents alive and happy.