Admit It: We'll Never Be As Cool As These Grandparents In Their Prime



My parents have a vacation house and sometimes they invite me and my friends up there. By the end of the weekend my friends always end up liking my parents more than they like me and, honestly, I get it. My parents are nice people with lots of cool toys. My favorite activity is naps. 

Quite frankly, it is liberating to know that I'll never achieve that level of coolness. I mean, sure, I could work on it, but then when would I have time for naps? You have to keep your priorities straight, you know? 

I just hope we all someday learn that we've all already achieved our maximum level of coolness and that we'll never be as cool as our parents or grandparents. If you doubt me, take a look at these pictures and tell me you'll be able to achieve this level of coolness. 

Someone's grandpa know how to party.

She doesn't want to hear about how rough your job is.

Is it okay to be attracted to your young grandparents?

I hope these two kids make it.

Grandma was a pinup.


So, that's how seat belts work.

What a time to be alive!

Rosie's got nothing on you!

This is quite the tea party.

She's on break!

I hear that dog is still around...

So, you admit your mom was hot!

This kid just met his hero.

There's a happy tree in the background.

Babies sure have gotten less scary...

This was the peak of masculinity.

This is how we used to feed all cats.

Only slightly not a reflection.

Sneezing in the 1800's.

Cool guy.

Ugh. The news. Amiright?

Eat it, boys!

Just a man and his horses.

And you think you are too good to go to work with a smile on your face.

Look out. We got a class clown over here.

So long, losers!

I couldn't even do this sober.

Not even the Berlin Wall could keep them apart.

How come dogs don't like banjos anymore?

Your dad is time traveler... and Matt Damon.

I'm intimated.

Cold feet are as old as time.

Oh, hi ladies. You just caught me in the middle of carrying three puppies.

Why does an 11-year-old need a car? I guess it was just a product of the times.

Who's ready to kill some Nazis?

You'll never dance as well as them.


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