“Married and Divorced in the Same Week” — Groom Spraying Bride With Champagne Sparks Outrage

"If she doesn't mind, it doesn't really matter that most people would."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 7 2024, Published 11:52 a.m. ET

Groom Sprays Bride With Champagne, Sparking Debate
Source: TikTok | @stayonce29

"Never f--- with a bride's dress on her wedding day" — Mahatma Gandhi.

OK, the aforementioned quote is a complete lie but it doesn't change the fact that it's understood the "star" of the wedding is 100 percent the bride. Sure, flower girls everywhere probably think they are, but they don't even have driver's licenses or know what a fixed APR on a home mortgage loan is, so they can kick rocks.

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However, there may be some people who are not only not privy to this bit of wisdom, but they also don't possess the mental wherewithal to understand that dousing their bride in alcohol on the day of her wedding is a very, very bad idea.

And in a now-deleted TikTok, someone captured one such person in action — a groom who thought it would be a good idea to spray his wife with champagne during their ceremony. The video, which was shared on camera, was stitched by another user on the platform named Stacey (@stayonce29).

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Toward the end of the stitched portion of the clip, the bride looks toward the camera in what looks like disbelief that someone would do such a thing, let alone the man she just married.

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Stacey didn't seem to approve of the stunt either, as she comes into the camera holding a small container of moisturizer. She looks into the lens, shakes her head, and then proceeds to put some lotion onto her hands before the clip ultimately cuts out.

Numerous commenters who replied to their video remarked that they were equally miffed at seeing the groom's actions: "Y’all ever seen a divorce at a wedding?" one person joked.

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Someone else said that if that had occurred at her wedding then there would have been a violent response: "The way my family would've sent him flying."

Another person replied that it seemed as if the gentleman's actions weren't all that gentlemanly, and that he was behaving in a way that wasn't appropriate for the situation: "He thought he was at a frat party."

Groom Sprays Bride With Champagne, Sparking Debate
Source: TikTok | @stayonce29
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One TikToker simply said that they agreed with Stacey's wordless stance on what she just witnessed: "Your silence is understood sis 'cause what."

And then there was someone else who said that this type of behavior could be indicative of a greater relationship problem: "Some people marry their biggest haters but don't see it."

You don't need to search all that hard on the internet to find posts from folks who've admitted to outright hating their significant others, while others have tried to soften the verbiage of this phenomenon by stating that people end up just marrying someone who isn't their type.

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Even though the original post seems to be removed from TikTok, as we all know, nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet. In the clip, the groom can be seen spraying the bottle of expensive booze which he then turns around to put on his wife.

Gasps from the crowd can be heard after he starts directing the stream in her face. "No! Not her!" they shout. He stops, takes a swig of the booze, and then begins to help her drink from the bottle.

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Guests then tell her to spray him back. He hands her the bottle and puts his arms out to his side, throwing his head back as she begins shaking the bottle and pouring champagne all over him.

A Reddit poster who posted this video wrote that they heard the bride was cool with how everything went down and was nowhere near as upset as everyone on the internet was in seeing her husband spray her in the face with the bottle of champagne: "I actually have a strong opinion on this, but I don't want to come off as shaming them because they're actual people. They are getting a ton of hate online already. (I think it's distasteful, but the bride has commented she doesn't mind it.)"

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