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Source: Airbnb

Harry Potter's Childhood Home Is Listed on Airbnb for $142


Despite the fact that Harry Potter had, well, a rather troubled childhood, almost everyone can admit they wished they could grow up like the Boy Who Lived. 

And although that owl probably never delivered that highly anticipated letter back in the day, you can now live out your wildest wizarding dreams by staying in the wizard's childhood home. That's right, muggles — Harry Potter's childhood home is on Airbnb, so accio PTO days and prepare for a magical stay.

To be clear, though, the Harry Potter Airbnb isn't the Dursley's home.

No, you won't be sleeping in a small closet under the stairs, and TBH, that's probably for the best.

You'll be staying in Lily and James Potter's home in Lavenham, Great Britain, where Harry lived when he was a baby. If you don't recall, Harry lived there with his parents, until He Who Must Not Be Named wreaked havoc and killed his parents, which ultimately revealed Harry to be one of the strongest wizards in the world.