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Source: facebook

Pediatrician Pens Emotional Post That Really Puts Life into Perspective


Pediatrician Alistair McAlpine was taken aback when he posed a simple question to his young, terminally ill patients in palliative care: "What do you enjoy in life and what gives it meaning?" I don't think he was ready for the responses.

As we get older it's easy to lose sight of what we really care about, and what makes us happy.

The whimsical, passionate, and enthusiastic energy of children has sadly become synonymous with foolishness. Over time it tends to start to fade. Whether it's through personal life experiences, or just the rigors of a crumby school system, kids are trained to sit down and shut up.

Go to any University and you'll see the majority of youngsters are walking around and posing. That first dream or college major or whatever they used to fantasize about becoming has been beaten out them.

Sometimes it's that first hiccup or that insanely difficult organic chemistry class that makes you settle for a business degree over becoming a doctor, or maybe you wanted to go into high-level financial analysis and settled for some degree that was easier for you to do. Maybe you finished college and just took a cushy, "comfortable" job, those series of settlements and going after a "get" ultimately crushes you.

That enthusiasm is then channeled into things that don't really make you happy, but perhaps only further fuel your bitterness.