Folks Are Convinced There's an Indecipherable Mystery Ingredient in Hot Pockets

Do Hot Pockets have a mystery ingredient in them? This person on Twitter was convinced that the microwave snack is hiding something.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 28 2023, Published 2:48 p.m. ET

Are you a college student who needs a quick and cheap dinner? Get a Hot Pocket.

Are you trying to save money on rent but still need to eat to exist? Get a Hot Pocket.

Did you resort to 7-Eleven as a dinner option in a state of malaise and they ran out of the instant noodle brand you like? Get a Hot Pocket.

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Hot Pockets have been there for us whenever we need a substantial snack or even a passable lunch or dinner. They aren't quite sandwiches and they aren't quite pizza, but they're a happy little medium for when you want either but don't want to spend money for the real thing. But as with any quick and easy food option, there may be some questionable ingredients within.

While food companies are usually good about sharing ingredients, someone on Twitter posited that Hot Pockets actually contain an unidentifiable mystery ingredient.

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Do Hot Pockets have a mystery ingredient? This person seems to think so.

There are over 50 different flavors and varieties of Hot Pockets. There's pepperoni pizza, meatball and mozzarella, steak and cheddar, bacon egg and cheese, and even chicken bacon ranch, just to name a few. And that's before we even get to the other spin-off products like Lean Pockets and Big and Bold.

For our purposes today, we look squarely at the Ham and Cheddar flavor. One person on Twitter shared their story about how this particular brand might have a mystery ingredient.

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When the official Hot Pockets Twitter asked followers to recall "their most nostalgic Hot Pocket memory," most folks had either genuine answers or joke ones. As for Twitter user Pudding Person (@JUNlPER), their memory leans a bit more bizarre.

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They claim that they had a friend in college who was convinced that Hot Pockets had added a mystery ingredient that was not labeled on the packaging.

"She started doing dissections on them and isolated the ingredient and we never found what it was," the OP claimed.

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Sure enough, they had photographic evidence to back up their claim. The OP shared a somewhat cursed picture of an open Hot Pocket and picked out the ingredient in question.

Interestingly enough, they picked out three strange yellow cubes from inside the pocket. The color didn't seem to match the cheese that was already in there, so the OP was led to believe that their friend was right. To this day, however, they can't figure out what it is.

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Plenty of people had jokes surrounding this ingredient, though most did agree that these extra elements were odd.

One person commented, "Congrats for being put on the Hot Pocket hit list."

Another person theorized that it could have just been unmelted cheese, but it still didn't match the look or consistency of the rest of the cheese.

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Someone even presented something weirdly plausible, suggesting that these could be potato chunks. OP even revealed that the ingredient did taste starchy, though nothing like potatoes appeared in the product's ingredient list.

Whatever this ingredient ends up being (if anything at all), does this change your view on Hot Pockets at all? Or does it actually just make you kind of hungry for a Hot Pocket?

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