“We Understand Why” — Hot Wood Chopping Guy Defends Women Who Objectify Him

"I feel like he is being a dad sitting his kid down and having that “real” talk that sticks for life. I hope that message gets across to some of those men."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Mar. 31 2024, Published 11:11 a.m. ET

Hot Wood Chopping Guy Defends Women
Source: X | @soniamariesays

If you've scrolled through social media you've probably seen videos of folks reacting to the hot wood chopper guy who, wearing overalls, splits logs and grunts his way through doing it.

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Women often record themselves getting hot and bothered by his videos in comedic-themed clips, and it seems that there are some people who didn't think it was cool for women to comment that they want their own logs split by Mr. Bearded Woodsman, and thought that this was a gender-based double standard.

The axe chopper hopped onto the internet in order to record a video stating this type of logic isn't cool, because previous generations of men have cat-called and made sexual comments towards women, so now it's okay for women to say the same thing to men.

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He also said that because women are not as physically threatening to men, the "roles are reversed" argument is invalid and not an accepted comment to make on his page. A study on gender-based violence reveals that men, at large, are more than likely to be victims of violence perpetrated by other men.

HowStuffWorks reported that men are 3 times more likely to commit violent crimes than women.

Source: X | @soniamariesays
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"It is a crazy statistic, but I just noticed that I officially have a 51% male following. And while I am super flattered and just humbled for all of this, comments like this," he points to a remark left by someone who wrote: "if that was said about a woman holy s-- the feminists would come crawling out of there caves."

The hot wood chopping guy who is often the subject of thirst trap reactionary videos from women continued to speak while out of breath, presumably after chopping some wood on camera for the delight of his viewership, "Comments like this need to be addressed, so that's exactly what I'm about to do," he says.

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The video then takes a jump cut with a different angle, "So to all the young men out there I'm gonna say this once but I want you to listen closely because I am afraid that this message has kind of," he takes his hand and passes it over the top of his head, "over the top of a lot of people's head in today's society."

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He puts his hands up in quotation marks, "'If the roles were reversed' is not an argument to be made on this specific situation. Because the role is literally where all the oppression has lived the entire time. So, comments, cat calls, whistles, flirtatious comments, have not led to your safety being at risk," the social media lumberjack said into the camera.

Source: X | @alicia1110
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His argument is that when men are catcalled by women they are, statistically speaking, not at risk of potentially escalating physical danger or violence. I doubt you have had to check the expiration date on your pepper spray recently, and I don't think when you get out of your car to pump gas you're looking at 100 different directions."

The influencer continued: "Motorcyclists, cars, same roadway, Motorcyclists are the ones [who] have to wear the helmets, we understand why. I think sometimes, when we get wrapped up in trying to justify the way that we would like to act and move in this world, we forget how somebody else a counterpart, how somebody else has had to move in that same exact world."

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He went on with his speech detailing the importance of not forgetting that different people face different challenges and that folks are often ignorant of these facts: "Just because you live in the same place does not mean you are experiencing it in the same way. The role is where all of the contextual oppression lives."

Source: X | @nnaKlura
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At this point in the clip he takes his axe, gives what seems to be a stern look into the camera, and before standing up and leaving the frame from the recording he is taking himself, says, "have a good day."

There were a number of people who applauded the social media lumberjack's defense of women who ogled him online: "I wish people would apply this take towards racism/discrimination," one X user wrote.

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Source: X | @lyra_dhelmar

Another said, "For anyone saying this is bare minimum— yes. But when men’s men speak in a way that dudes understand- the type of dudes that write off women saying the same thing- it does a lot."

What do you think? Os objectification objectification regardless of what happened in the past between different people who happened to be male or female? Or does the fitness influencer who found a niche chopping wood online as his content circle make a good point?

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