You'll Want to Make These Portals to Reach "The End" of 'Minecraft'

Sara Belcher - Author

Oct. 12 2021, Published 8:22 p.m. ET

Over the years, Minecraft has seen a soar in popularity, making it one of the most popular games to date, but if you're a newbie to the game, some of the more complicated crafting recipes can be tricky to get a handle on — portals especially. There are a couple of different portals one can make in Minecraft — here's how to make them on your own.

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How to make a Nether Portal in 'Minecraft.'

Reaching the Nether is one of the parts of Minecraft's gameplay that's crucial for anyone looking to reach the game's "end," though isn't necessary to enjoy the game. The Nether can only be reached through a Nether portal, which requires a specific set of materials to create.

Before building your Nether Portal, you'll want to gather 14 obsidian blocks and either one flint and steel or one fire charge.

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Unfortunately, getting your hands on obsidian is a bit tricky and will require some advanced gameplay before you can obtain it. It is the hardest element in the game and can only be broken with a diamond pickaxe.

First, you'll want to find some diamonds and craft yourself a diamond pickaxe. Diamonds are typically found deep down in the caves, so you'll want to do some exploring to find this material.

Once you obtain a diamond pickaxe, then you can go searching for obsidian. It is sometimes found naturally in caves, though it's pretty easy to create a stretch of it in your scavenging.

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You'll want to remain in the caves and venture below sea level until you find a source of lava. If the lava meets a source of water in the cave, then there may naturally be some obsidian. If not, all you have to do is fill a few buckets with water and pour it on the lava to create obsidian. Break it with your diamond pickaxe until you have enough for the portal (or gather more for later).

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Place the obsidian blocks in a rectangle formation and then use the flint and steel or fire charge on one of the bottom blocks to activate the portal. From here, you'll be able to travel back and forth to the Nether.

How to build an End Portal in 'Minecraft.'

As a sandbox game, Minecraft doesn't technically have a way to beat the game, but there is a section of the world known as "The End," where you can face off against the Ender Dragon. To do this, you will need to build an End Portal.

There isn't a way to build one from scratch in Survival Mode, unfortunately. If you're looking to complete a run in Survival Mode, players will need to find a broken one underground and repair it.

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To do this, you'll first want to find Ender Pearls. These can be found by trading with expert cleric villagers, though they'll expect emeralds in return, so be sure to find those before attempting to trade. They may also be dropped by Piglins in the Nether or Endermen.

Then, you'll also want to gather blaze powder. To do this, you'll want to kill Blazes in the Nether to obtain a blaze rod, which can then be turned into blaze powder. These two ingredients will then create an Eye of Ender.

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This Eye of Ender will then direct you to the closest broken End Portal. Just throw the eye and follow the direction it leads you. It's important to note, though, that once you find the broken portal, you can need as many as 12 Eyes of Ender to repair it, so be sure to have a few on hand. There is also a chance your Eye of Ender will break as you throw it, so it's important to create a stockpile before going on this venture.

Once you find the portal, all you have to do is fill it in with the appropriate number of Eyes of Ender that are missing. Then, you'll be able to access "The End" and battle the Ender Dragon.

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