TikTok Ice Cream Challenge Has Taken Social Media by Storm — Here’s What It Entails

Some employees have offered a solution to the age-old problem of receiving the wrong order. Here's the scoop on the TikTok ice cream challenge.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jul. 13 2023, Published 11:34 a.m. ET

Have you ever received food and thought to yourself, “This isn’t what I ordered”? Welp, there’s a new TikTok challenge to correct that problem. And it's unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Ice cream shop employees have offered a hilarious solution to the age-old problem of receiving the wrong order in the latest slew of viral clips on the vertical video app.

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And PSA: We don’t recommend trying it out unless you receive the green light beforehand. So, what does the trend involve, and why does it have social media in stitches?

Here’s the scoop (quite literally).

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What is the ice cream challenge on TikTok?

On TikTok, ice cream shop employees are going viral for reasons the internet couldn’t have ever anticipated.

In a video posted by Cherry Hill Ice Cream, social media users were shocked when they witnessed an aggressive solution to accidentally receiving a sweet treat topped with whipped cream.

The clip started tame, with a Cherry Hill Ice Cream shop worker handing a customer a cup of soft serve featuring a mountain of fluffy whipped topping. “Oh, I didn’t want whipped cream,” the person recording told the employee as they handed them the dessert.

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Her response?

Politely apologizing before grabbing a massive handful of the whipped cream and hurling it into the face of another employee in the background.

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“If you change your mind, we got your back!” the Cherry Hill Ice Cream account wrote in their caption. Naturally, the comment section couldn’t contain their laughter about the outlandish scenario.

“The accuracy, the sound … chef’s kiss,” one person joked. Another user added, “The sheer force behind that throw.” And Cherry Hill Ice Cream wasn’t the only establishment that wanted in on the ice cream-throwing action.

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Ice cream shop employees impress TikTok users with their throwing skills in the ice cream challenge.

In a separate TikTok video that accumulated 3.5 million likes in two days, Route 66 Creamery posted its own take on the ice cream challenge. However, instead of hurling whipped cream, they threw an entire handful of cold soft serve.

When handing the customer a cup piled with vanilla ice cream, the person recording clarified that they had asked for chocolate. As a result, the employee responded, “Sorry about that,” and proceeded to grab the dessert and chuck it into their coworker’s face.

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And the funniest part?

Her throw possessed so much force that it knocked the other employee onto the ground. “How is everyone in these videos so good at throwing?” one TikTok user wondered in the comments.

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“THE WAY THEY BOTH FLEW BACK AT THE SAME TIME,” someone else noted, followed by several crying emojis. Others were taken aback by the sound the ice cream produced upon hitting the ice cream shop worker’s face.

“That did not sound like soft serve!!!” a person exclaimed. Another added, “THE SOUND OF IT SMACKING HIS FACE.” We certainly hope no ice cream shop employees were harmed during the making of these videos.

However, based on the results — we can’t say for certain!

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