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The 'Girlfriends' reunion on 'Black-ish.'

Ecstatic Fans Demand to Know — Is the 'Girlfriends' TV Show Coming Back?



Let's ignore the biggest, most bombastic news of the century—I'm talking about the Girlfriends reunion on Black-ish, duh — and focus on something equally promising. Tracee Ellis Ross dropped a subtle, yet unmistakable hint in a recent interview, stating that the former Girlfriends cast members are currently exploring the possibility of a reboot. Could this be true? Is the Girlfriends TV show coming back to our screens? Is it possible to explode from sheer excitement?

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The 'Girlfriends' reunion on 'Black-ish.'

The Girlfriends reunion is happening (on Black-ish, at least).

We will have to start this by discussing the biggest news of our time: the best show of the early 2000s will make a brief comeback on Black-ish

YES.YES.WHAT.YES," was Tracee's initial reaction upon discovering that the television show will feature a Girlfriends reunion as part of ABC's Cast From the Past Week. We couldn't agree more with her. Except, add another 'YES' or two, maybe.

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The 'Girlfriends' reunion on 'Black-ish.'

The four divas will unite once again for an episode titled "Feminisn't." The old gang will come together to rescue Rainbow Johnson's reading group from monotonousness and talk about intersectionality. Expect sassy dialogues, brilliant jokes and a hefty dash of references to the old series. Expect heaven. 

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Jennifer Lewis and Jil Marie Jones on the shooting of 'Black-ish.'

Is the Girlfriends TV show coming back?

If an hour of nostalgia-tainted joy doesn't quite cut it, the producers might have other good news in store as well.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, Tracee started a new Twitter hashtag to put out the feelers and figure out how the public would react to the new venture. #GirlfriendsNow calls on the die-hard Girlfriends enthusiasts to share thoughts, ideas, opinions, and comments on the gaping abyss the abrupt cancellation of the show left in our lives, the whole lot. 

Twitter users wasted no time and took on every opportunity to use the hashtag. "Twitter Jesus, we saw how you worked for the Popeye's chicken sandwich, we ask for the same energy in Jesus' name bring back my girlfriends...." wrote an enthusiast. Another person summarised their feelings just as sharply: "ZZZOOOOOMMMMGGGGGG #GirlfriendsNow PLEASE." Some else put it even more accurately, stating "PLEASE DEAR GOD PLEASE YES." 


An enthusiastic response to the possible 'Girlfriends' reboot.

Before you type in the hashtag so many times that your keyboard buttons disappear, let's take a brief glance at what CNN had to say on this matter. Citing a 2016 interview with the former executive producer of the show, Mara Brock Akil, the leading news resource revealed that the producers didn't feel too good about the abrupt cancellation of Girlfriends either.

Are you excited? Rightly so. However, journalist Lisa Respers France extrapolated further on this vital issue, stating, "Brock Akil said she had moved on [...] and had no plans to revisit Girlfriends." 

In other words, the producers of the original version aren't intending on bringing the show back. Which isn't the most promising news. However, this doesn't necessarily rule out the possibility of the reboot all together. For the time being, let's stick to the hashtag. It might lead to a movie. 

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