Jon Voight's Future on 'Ray Donovan' Might Have Just Went up in Flames After That Car Crash

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Apr. 24 2020, Updated 11:19 a.m. ET

jon voight on ray donovan
Source: Showtime

If shows like Game of Thrones have taught viewers anything, it’s that you should never become too attached to a character. Sometimes, killing them off is what’s best for a storyline and after it appeared Jon Vought was killed off on Ray Donovan as the family patriarch, fans were probably wondering if Jon Voight is still on Ray Donovan or if this really is the beginning of the end for Mickey.

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In the Nov. 17 Season 7 premiere, viewers saw the prison transport bus with Mickey inside of it explode in a fiery car crash. This was after Ray made the difficult decision to forgive Mickey for being a terrible dad. Nothing is easy in the Donovan family, though, and Mickey thought he was the one who should have been doing the forgiving, if anyone. The end of the episode saw a potentially fatal end for Mickey after all of the drama, but Jon could still be a season regular.

Is Jon Voight still on Ray Donovan?

The episode certainly made it seem like Mickey met a sudden death and it would be almost perfect timing, given Ray’s closure at his last meeting with his father before he turned himself in. Still, it seems like a fitting ending to a season finale rather than a premiere and it’s hard to imagine the show without Jon there to help round out the cast. And when Jon showed up as Mickey in the Nov. 24 episode, it proved he's likely here to stay.

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jon voight ray donovan
Source: Showtime

He has been a part of Ray Donovan since its inaugural season in 2013 and the final shots of the Season 7 premiere seemed to focus a lot on the crash itself. Even in the preview for the following episode, you can see that bodies were being pulled from the wreckage. But to be fair, there are other bodies (the drivers and other prisoners) to be accounted for. So this could have just been a very clever way for Mickey to skirt the law once again.

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Jon does appear throughout the Season 7 trailer.

While Jon hasn't spoiled anything about the fate of his Ray Donovan character, he is shown quite a bit in the Season 7 trailer. In some shots, he looks to be banged up, which could have happened after he found himself in a freak accident on the road. Realistically, it's unlikely that his character could have rolled out of the transport bus upon impact with the truck, but this is also a show where it’s totally okay to suspend your disbelief.

IMDb might also be an indicator of Jon’s future on Ray Donovan. He is listed to appear in at least three episodes in 2020 and if he was killed off in the season premiere, chances are, he wouldn't be credited for more episodes to come. The only thing left to do now is figure out how Mickey could have survived and how much longer Jon will be on the show.

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Mickey still has some growing to do.

Fans know all about the complicated relationship between Ray and Mickey. While Ray seemed to have made amends with his dad before he was taken away to be transported to another prison, it may not have been enough for fans. It felt like fans were given a small taste of what Mickey and Ray's relationship could be and then it was immediately pulled away.

Mickey still needs to redeem himself, or at least try to, in the eyes of his family. If that means inadvertently faking his death and coming back as a not so terrible person, then Jon’s future on Ray Donovan could be secure.

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