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Source: Showtime

Jon Voight's Future on 'Ray Donovan' Might Have Just Went up in Flames After That Car Crash


If shows like Game of Thrones have taught viewers anything, it’s that you should never become too attached to a character. Sometimes, killing them off is what’s best for a storyline and after it appeared Jon Vought was killed off on Ray Donovan as the family patriarch, fans were probably wondering if Jon Voight is still on Ray Donovan or if this really is the beginning of the end for Mickey.

In the Nov. 17 Season 7 premiere, viewers saw the prison transport bus with Mickey inside of it explode in a fiery car crash. This was after Ray made the difficult decision to forgive Mickey for being a terrible dad. Nothing is easy in the Donovan family, though, and Mickey thought he was the one who should have been doing the forgiving, if anyone. The end of the episode saw a potentially fatal end for Mickey after all of the drama, but Jon could still be a season regular.