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Source: netflix

Are the Horrified Prankees on 'Prank Encounters' Faking It?


A good prank is a truly wonderful thing, and the more elaborate, planned, and well-constructed, the more beautiful it is. There really quite isn't anything like seeing a scheme come to fruition in the form of an excellent gag.

This is probably why we have such a collective fascination with candid camera shows like Punk'd and now Netflix's Prank Encounters.

The show features Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo as its host. He guides viewers on a wonderful journey of carefully assembled pranks. All of the gags, however, are tied together with a very simple premise that's sure to get unwitting participants more invested than they probably would otherwise: employment.

That's right, the subjects of Prank Encounters believe that they're being interviewed/tested/screened for new jobs.