'Resident Evil: Village' Comes With a Multiplayer Game — but It's Just Not out Yet

If you're hoping to play 'Resident Evil: Village' with other people, then we've got some good news and bad news. Here's what we know about the game.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

May 10 2021, Published 3:44 p.m. ET

'Resident Evil: Village'
Source: Capcom

There's this notion that single-player video games are going the way of the dinosaur, but a slew of one-player games from Capcom are proving otherwise. For the fourth year in the row, the video game company has been absolutely crushing it in terms of profits and has made the most money it's ever made. 

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The game developer and publisher can thank a ton of successful and long-running franchises for this success, and Resident Evil is one of them. The latest title in the series, Village, is selling very well but fans want to know: Is it multiplayer?

Resident Evil: Village
Source: Capcom
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Typically speaking, 'Resident Evil' games aren't multiplayer, but 'Village' does come with 'Re:Verse.'

First, let's be clear: The main "campaign" (if you want to call it that) of RE: Village, like many of the other titles in the series, is played first-person, single-player only.

That's not to say there haven't been other Resident Evil titles that haven't employed the use of co-op in the game's main storyline. Resident Evil 5 made big waves after it introduced a tag-team approach to playing the title when it was first released.

It also came packaged with a deathmatch-style game that players had to play to essentially "unlock" the full version of at a later date. It looks like Resident Evil: Village is following more or less the same template as RE5 with Re:Verse

According to Gamespew, Re:Verse is "a completely standalone multiplayer experience. It’s an online-only multiplayer that celebrates 25 years of Resident Evil history. So expect to come up against classic enemies from the franchise and play as well-known characters in 4-6 player deathmatches."

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From Re:Verse's beta, we can see that the gameplay mode is divided up into two types of characters: survivors and bioweapons. The available characters that players can command are Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, and everyone's favorite hidden masked-man character, Hunk.

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The bioweapons are Fat Molded, Hunter Y, Jack Baker, Nemesis, and Super Tyrant.

The way gameplay works is simple. You start as one of the human characters and everyone's fighting each other to the death. After you perish, you end up turning into a bioweapon, and the number of virus capsules you collect prior to dying will determine what kind of bioweapon you become.

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Initial impressions of the gameplay mode haven't been kind. While reviewers who are playing the title have stated that it's still under development and that the game seems like it could be fun, many who've watched Re:Verse gameplay don't seem all that excited about it.

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This wouldn't be the first time Capcom's let fans down with Resident Evil spin-offs. Resistance was another online multiplayer game that received middling reviews along with "mehs" from fans of the franchise.

Many questioned why the "Mercenaries" mode wasn't expanded or bundled in with Village, as the timed challenge game modes in both Resident Evil 4 and RE5 received tons of praise.

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Even if you aren't that excited about Re:Verse, the good news is that Village is an amazing single-player experience according to the consensus online. Are you excited to play it? Or is it multiplayer or bust for you?

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