'Resident Evil' Fans Are Conflicted Over Sharing Leaks That May Contain Its Ending

Looks like spoilers for 'Resident Evil Village' have made their way online, but fans of the series are conflicted over posting the clips.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jan. 29 2021, Published 5:12 p.m. ET

'Resident Evil'
Source: Capcom

With video games becoming more and more expensive to produce, especially with high-tier titles in long-running series, they become closely guarded secrets that are the targets of all other trade secrets. While it might seem kind of a stretch to expect that a game could become the subject of corporate espionage like something out of the movie Duplicity, that's exactly what happens with big budget titles, like Resident Evil Village and its spoilers leak.

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Yes, there are tons of links to spoilers for 'Resident Evil Village' on Reddit.

When the demo for RE: Village first dropped, gamers were enamored with the way Capcom was able to take classic horror tropes and make them truly terrifying. Vampires and werewolves have been done to death in movies and games, but to take a truly unique spin on it that still feels like Resident Evil was a super impressive feat, and of course Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have a lot to do with that.

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The big bad Village baddie has, in an admittedly deranged way, captivated the hearts and minds of people all over the internet. Cosplayers are going all out showing their love for the character and the game isn't even out yet. There have been tons of comments from streamers to folks all over the internet expressing that they're so smitten with Lady Dimitrescu that they wouldn't even mind getting killed by her.

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The highly anticipated title must've become the target for hackers who managed to nab some developmental gameplay footage off of Capcom's servers somehow. They then reportedly tried to hold the footage for ransom or else they'd put it online. While many would think that "spoiling" the story of a video game may not seem like a big deal, after all, the whole point of playing a game is to experience it for yourself, a huge part of Village is its twisted narrative.

The footage that was leaked may very well be part of the Ragnar Locker hacker group that nabbed a bunch of assets from Capcom in November of 2020. The ransomware "heist" came with some lofty demands — Ragnar demand $11 million in bitcoin for its troubles, but the popular game developer shrugged the attack off, stating that although they were conducting ongoing investigations into who was affected by the exploit, they felt confident that no significant user data was compromised.

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The 'Resident Evil Village' spoilers that were leaked hold some significant clues to the game's end.

WARNING: the content below may contain some spoilers, so be forewarned that if you don't want parts of the game ruined for you, you should stop reading.

It's important to note that this is all based on developmental footage where all of the game's graphics haven't been perfected, kind of like that bootleg X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie that leaked online well before its release date.

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The clip that's been uploaded online depicts the hero in a room high on top of Lady Dimitrescu's castle. They go to open a casket, expecting to find the vampire inside, but there's only a corpse. The protagonist is then accosted by Dimitrescu and stabbed with her Freddy Krueger claws, but the hero's brandishing some sort of special looking knife that they stick into the vampire woman.

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The hero is then tossed out of a window while Lady Dimitrescu retreats into her castle and grows what appears to be wings. She then bursts out as some flying hellish creature and begins tossing the hero around like a rag doll. How you survive makes zero sense but she places you in a part of the castle ready to take you out.

There are also several renders posted online that appear to be from the game which contain some other spoilers. We won't link to them here but there are several Reddit posts and YouTube clips that show spoilers for the game if you're so inclined to look at them.

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