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Source: Netflix

Meet the Inmates from 'Jailbirds,' Netflix's New Problematic Docu-Series


Netflix knows you're obsessed with Orange Is the New Black and it didn't want to keep you waiting until the summer for more inmate drama.  The streaming platform has decided to shift genres, and rather than focus on the fictional inmates of Litchfield (who are based on real people, by the way), this time they're taking us inside the very real Sacramento County Jail for an inside look at what inmate life is actually like.

Yes, it's problematic and exploitative, and we have no idea how they got the paperwork and legal rights to film inside the jail, but if you want a first look at our modern-day prison systems with consenting adults who signed off to be on the show, give Jailbirds a stream today.

If you binge-watched the entire thing and want to learn more about the cast of inmates who make the reality series so gripping to watch, stay with us.

1. Yasmin Sundermeyer

Source: Netflix

Yasmin is the first inmate we meet on Jailbirds. We first see her when she's getting processed wearing a bra and flurry slippers. "I got away, but then I got caught," says the 19-year-old arrested of carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon, alcohol and drugs. 

Though she's pretty giddy with herself when we first meet her, Yasmin quickly struggles to come up with her $100,000 bail and quickly understands jail is much harder than she imagined. "I want to be back to how it was before," she says, "when I was happy."