The Feud Rages On! 'The GOAT' Star Reza Farahan Throws Shade at Jill Zarin Amid Ongoing Feud

"I usually don't lead with regrets in my life. I hate that emotion. I regret letting Jill into my life," Reza Farahan told 'Us Weekly.'

Allison DeGrushe - Author

May 29 2024, Published 5:01 p.m. ET

Jill Zarin and Reza Farahan pose for their official 'The GOAT' Season 1 portraits.
Source: Tommy Garcia/Prime Video

As we've all learned, reality TV and drama are intertwined; one rarely exists without the other! Just look at the latest craze, The GOAT — in this fan-favorite competition show, 14 reality TV powerhouses battle it out for a $200,000 prize and the honor of being crowned the "Greatest Reality Star of All Time."

Naturally, with stakes this high, conflicts are inevitable.

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At the forefront of the drama is Reza Farahan — not only has he clashed with Da'Vonne Rogers, but he's also become entangled in a feud with fellow Bravolebrity Jill Zarin. Here's everything we know about their ongoing spat.

Jill Zarin and Reza Farahan share a hug in the first episode of 'The GOAT.'
Source: Courtesy of Freevee
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Here's what you should know about Jill Zarin and Reza Farahan's feud.

Although they initially formed an alliance on the show, Jill and Reza's relationship quickly soured. We won't spoil too much, but both Reza and Jill have since addressed their feud.

In a May 2024 interview with PRIDE, Reza threw shade at Jill and hinted at their on-screen feud in The GOAT.

"Here's what I have to say about Jill. If you saw Below Deck, that is exactly what was going on in the house," he said. "She's very lucky that they edited her in a way where you didn't see as much of that. She made me feel like I was back in a bazaar in Iran! She kept trying to whip out her wares and sell them to you. She was complaining the whole time. It was a bit much for me."

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Reza then recalled a previous encounter with Jill that predated their feud on The GOAT.

"My interactions with Jill have a funny story, and it leads back to being gay. When she was fired from Bravo, Shahs of Sunset was maybe on the second or third season. I had gone to a gay club and there was a cute twink I was dancing with. His hands went up in the air and maybe my face went close to the armpits."

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Jill caught wind of the incident and took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to vent all about it to her followers.

"Jill didn't even know me, and she's tweeting about how Bravo has gone way downhill since she left it," Reza explained. "She had to write an apology letter and give me some cookies to make up with me. But with me, you don't get a second round at that, like, 'I'm good, I see you boo.'"

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On the other hand, Jill took a more gracious approach when speaking with PRIDE. She had nothing but kind words for Reza, even apologizing if she upset him during filming for the show.

"I love Reza. I adore him," she told the outlet. "If I hurt his feelings at all, I feel terrible, but there's no manual [on] how to do this thing. Did I agree with everything he did or said? No. Did he agree with everything I did or said? No, but I adore him, I do."

Reza revealed he regrets letting Jill Zarin into his life.

Ahead of The GOAT series premiere, Reza also sat down with Us Weekly and reacted to a jaw-dropping clip from the show's trailer where he's heard calling Jill a "f--king b---h."

"I usually don't lead with regrets in my life. I hate that emotion. I regret letting Jill into my life," he shockingly revealed. "At the time, it was how I felt. And honestly, Jill is a little bit of a b---h."

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When asked about Reza's comment, Jill told Us Weekly she wasn't aware of the specific remark. She remarked, "I don't think I saw that. I haven't seen that yet. You'll have to tune in and see what happens."

Reza didn't stop there and continued bashing Jill. He reflected on forming initial opinions that evolved upon meeting his housemates, stating, "All of the things that I was thinking were all in my head and had nothing to do with the wonderful human beings that were in the house. People really showed me how good they are. Most people — not Jill — but most people did."

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The cast of Prime Video's 'The GOAT.'
Source: Tommy Garcia/Prime Video

As for where they stand post-filming, Reza hinted at an ongoing feud.

"I regret my alliance or thinking I had an alliance with Jill. I feel like had I not known Jill, I would have had a better experience. She acted like a beast in the house — kind of like she did on Below Deck," he claimed. "So she was a beast in the house. She acted like she owned the mansion and that production were her servants, which was a little off-putting. I feel like had I not had a relationship with Jill coming into the house, it probably would have benefited me greatly."

He concluded, "Here's my advice to people. If you're going to be on a competition show, watch out for the old lady on the show. She probably might do you dirty at the end. That's some training for you. There you go."

Catch new episodes of The GOAT on Thursdays, only on Prime Video and Amazon Freevee.

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