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The "JK Rowling Reveals" Meme Is Responsible for Some Compelling Plot Twists


JK Rowling's "character revisionism" recently came to a head when frustrated fans lampooned her penchant for adding "fiction to fiction" by filling in details about characters despite the lack of textual evidence to prove it.

Many think her turn as a social commentator is spurring dramatic "reveals" about her characters, like Dumbledore's sexuality or that the Harry Potter series takes place in the Matrix. OK, the Matrix thing is made up, but there are lots of people who are tiring of Rowling's "reveals," as much as they love her.

Twitter decided to turn the "JK Rowling Reveals" headline on its head by making it into a predictive text meme game.

1. Getting in on the fun is pretty simple.

Source: twitter

All you need to do is open up the keyboard on your smartphone and make sure predictive typing is enabled (it usually is by default).

Type "JK Rowling Reveals" and keep hitting the middle predictive text option to create your plot twist.