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Source: WWE

Jordan Myles Just Quit the WWE in Expletive-Filled Rant Against the Company's "Racist" Culture


If you've been a longtime WWE fan, then you know that the company's been playing with racist tropes to captivate audiences for decades, and still are. Characters like Papa Shango, Saba Simba, Kai En Tai, Muhammad Hassan (who debuted in 2004 and left a year later) and even Rusev and Lana, who currently get tons of screen time — the WWE hasn't shied away from stereotypes in creating Superstar personalities.

Jordan Myles, aka ACH, has had enough of their "racist" policies, however.

Jordan Myles called the WWE "racist" in a social media post and said he was quitting.

Many WWE commentators and longtime viewers believe that cultural insensitivity isn't just used as a shallow gimmick for characters to initiate some guilty-pleasure views, but are a fundamental part of how the organization operates and makes its decisions — and it starts at the top.

Some of this was addressed in a passionate and expletive-filled Twitter post from NXT superstar ACH (Jordan Myles) in which he let his fans know that he quit the WWE for being "racist."